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End of an Era

Well today is Dana's last official day. She will now be free of this place.. sort of, They asked her to come back next week to help transition over some of the HR files. They figure they can keep her busy for two weeks. I wish she had enough money saved up to tell them to shove it, but her car payments have told her to smile and say thank you. I guess my plans are to be a good boy and not rock the boat. My plans are to clean up my house, get rid of excess stuff and start working on setting up my own home T-Shirt business. I got the screens, I got the ideas, I just need to spend the time, make the connections and run the business at a loss for a while... and keep collecting the paycheck from my crappy company. When I've done nothing in six months feel free to ridicule me. I often pick up the torch only to set it down for a moment, grab a snack and forget all about it.

Oh and by the way, my company had a All-hands meeting and several people stood up and made comments about how unpleased they were about Dana being let go. it made me smile to watch certain people squirm in there seats a bit.