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busy day today at work. my boss is out, Dana is out today, the new girl needs my help to do Dana's job, one of the other tech's was busy getting the field ready for this years Gay Super bowl. I call him Sporty Spice. So there was only two of us really handling all the problems that the weather has caused. I swear it's the weather.

So some good news that I forgot to write. On Tuesday when Tom got home he noticed that Laurie, our downstairs neighbor was home. Laurie is really cool while her flat mate is EVIL. Beside all the forgetful thing she does, leaving the front door to the building open, garage door open for days, laundry in the washer for almost two weeks, Mariah is also Really LOUD! I swear she is a speed freak, because no normal person would make so much noise at seriously ALL hours. Back to the story, Tom notice Laurie was home so he decided to talk with her about Mariah waking us up at 4 AM three night in a row while Laurie was gone. When he knocked on the door Laurie answered (unlike Mariah, who would lock the door and turn off the TV) and said, "let me guess, She was partying pretty hard wasn't she, Yeah when I got back the house was... you know what, you don't even need to know! I've had it with her and I will be living by myself in three weeks. She'll be gone, Sorry about her." I was so happy to hear Tom tell me this. I felt as if someone had broken the Mariah Carey CD that had been playing non-stop for months and we were now free to live a peaceful Mariah free life. Yippppeeeeee!