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Strangest birthday ever.

The day started out really well, although I woke up from a nightmare about my big toe rotting off. I checked my toe to make sure it was only a dream and jumped in the shower and meet Dana for a ride into work. Called into the weekly IT meeting and did my server checks. Managed to say only two words in the meeting, "Yup" and "Nope." Got birthday wishes from lots of coworkers and phone calls from friends all over. My Ex Randy gave me a call with birthday wishes. I got an email from a "friend?" in Germany that I have sort of written off, not really sure how I feel about that. I don't want to be pulled into a difficult friendship out of politeness.

But by far the coolest thing to happen started last night. Shortly after midnight my cell phone rang while I was brushing my teeth. Tom answered it and over my sonicare I could hear Wendi and phinny yelling at the top of their lungs "Happy Birthday!" Tom informed Wendi to save the screaming for me. It took about three minutes for her to stop laughing. She kept repeating (between laughing Fits) what had happened to me even though I heard it all. They had both had a shot of whiskey in honor of Nina Simone and had been waiting up in their PJ's to give me a call for my birthday. Phinny was spending the night at Wendi's like we all used to do on any of our birthdays. That was real nice. Phinny has a callback for an animated Disney movie, now that is what I call a good birthday present. I have been waiting for Phinny to become a famous star for a long time, He always has to me and I think the world would love him.

But the day has been yin and yang. I came back downstairs from fixing someone PowerBook when I say Dana's legs in a conference with what I assumed was our old HR person's legs. I immediately got a really bad feeling. I turned to Sharon the Receptionist and gave her a "what the hell is going on" look. Can you guess. Dana was told she had two weeks left at the company, she would be getting two week severance, and if she acts like she is happy on not bitter (to the rest of the company) she would get an additional four weeks severance. She of cause is going to try to put on a non-grumpy face and train the new clueless woman to do her job to get the extra four weeks. Of course she can't put on that face so they gave her the rest of the day of as did my boss to take care of her. We are now at my house watching TV and getting ready to go out for my birthday Dinner. I am trying to think of it as a good thing, getting Dana a better job. Getting me to look into getting a better job as well. Tom however wants to take aim at both Evil Ladies cars.


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Apr. 24th, 2003 06:00 am (UTC)
Happy Birthday dude... I didn't know...

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