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All about my mother

Yesterday I went to the hardware store and bought Easter baskets and plastic eggs. Only in the Castro can you go to the hardware store and buy such girly items. I realized that I really enjoyed holidays when I lived at home much more. The reason for that is that my Mom always enjoyed them so much, made a huge deal out of each holiday. She has a different (sometimes several different) flags that she hangs out front for each holiday. My mother is the Queen of decorations. She has at least one box for each holiday. Certain holiday have tons of boxes like Christmas and St. Patrick's Day. I really enjoyed Easter as a kid. Every year we would all get the same basket with egg filled candy, a Skipper chocolate bunny (eaten ears first), and a little toy or present. Some years we would hunt for eggs some years we would just dye eggs. It was always a very fun and relaxing day. So this year, I bought Baskets and am going to make a big deal. I'm just not sure what to put in Dana's basket, since she had the partial bypass surgery and still not eating very much solid food as well as needing to avoid sugar. I also plan on huntin' some eggs, wish me luck.



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Apr. 19th, 2003 06:23 pm (UTC)
Welcome back .. .
Yeah, I always liked Easter finding that egg with money and good luck with ever thing...
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