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Evil plots swirl in the gray skies

I keep thinking of ways to get revenge. It's not a good thing at all, I'm just so mad. My friend has been asked to train the RF person who (looks like) has already been awarded the job by her best friend. It just pisses me off so much. I want to quit, I want to screw over the company. I know so much and could do so much damage... and come out clean. My company would never win an integrity award. But I am above petty revenge, I hope. I may start looking for a new job, Something a bit more fulfilling with room for advancement without opening myself up to extreme amounts of stress and aggravation like my boss. I give him one more year until his mental breakdown. We voted him, most likely person in the office to go postal, gun in hand. I've stayed at this job because it has been easy. I haven't had to look, I can do the job with my eyes closed, most of the people I work with are nice, the pay is really good. I'm lazy, I don't want to really have to work at learning a whole new job. I don't want to risk getting a new job that is hard and working with assholes. But I don't want to work for a company without any integrity and if they fire Miss Dana, I will lose all faith in the company having any moral fiber at all. I mostly blame to new company that we took in and people who let them take over.


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Apr. 17th, 2003 01:51 pm (UTC)
I want to quit, I want to screw over the company. I know so much and could do so much damage... and come out clean...

But you wouldn't, sweetie. You wouldn't. You would have sewed that bad karma for yourself. I really got f**ked over on my last job, I did NOT deserve to get fired. I knew all kinds of shit and could have gotten them in trouble big time with Medicare and the government. I opted not to. I don't want revenge on my karma. With the tons of bad karma they are generating, it will catch up with them, sooner or later.

We reap the seeds that we sew. What we do comes back at us three-fold. You are doing good, friend! Keep up the good work!
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