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Not without a fight.

I am a person who hates conflict. I will go to great lengths to avoid or end conflict. I am the pacifying person who tries to help a happy medium be met, I am the person who will allow someone to step on me as long as it is brief and relatively painless. I however am not the person who allows friends to be hurt. I will not allow a friend to silently be voted out of the company by new arrivals to make room for their friends. I have to gather my own army to prevent this...

OK- dramatic BS aside here is the low down; My company acquired a failing business that does the same kind of work we do. This new company moved into our building and they began to take over. I am not completely opposed to this, A lot of the way they do things is better. However the problem I have is that now because the merger there are too many operations people and they are looking get rid of people. I personally think it is the Company's fault, and they should place people in new roles if they have too many people in one area. My friend who's job is in jeopardy has been with the company for three years. The person who she is in competition with has also been with her company for many years. The job they are both vying for is the Facilities office manager. My friend being familiar with all of the nuances and procedure of the office as well as a long relationship with the property manager and the deceitful maintenance men (Russian Mafia).

I was not really worried for my friends job, she is very productive, keeps everyone happy, and everything ship-shape, while her competition has a much more relaxed attitude about everything including hours put in at work. Yesterday I found out who was making the decision... Now I am worried. three people are making the decision, two are from the new company and one of those people is best of friends with my friends competition. The third "High-Ranking -Lady" from our side of the company, is rarely in the office.

I have little pull in the office as far as power goes. But I have a big mouth that talks to and is friends with all the right people. my friends does not want me to talk to anyone about this, but Hell I am not letting her go without a fight. My plan is to explain the situation to one or two key people who will impress upon High-Ranking-Lady how important my friend is to keeping the office running in the smooth manner we have all grown accustomed.


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Apr. 16th, 2003 09:19 am (UTC)
Don't you just LOVE and I mean LOVE corporate America?

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