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Four old tales about old tails


After I graduated form college I moved up to San Francisco. I had been dating a guy who lived up in SF for over year so I moved in with him on top of Mt. Davidson. After a few months the owner of the building decided to sell the building so we moved again. At our old house we had a washer & dryer downstairs. The new apartment in the tenderloin there were a couple of washers/Dryers but they were always occupied. Our laundry began to build up, way up. Here is the story I wrote about over four years ago

Randy and I waited and waited to do our laundry...we really waited a long time. We hadn't done laundry since we moved to our new place. Last Sunday we decided that it was time to do some laundry. We decided to go to "Little Hollywood Launderette" because they had lots of big machines and a cafe next door.

 We piled all our dirty clothes into our laundry bags.... Then we ran out of those and had to use monster-sized bags that we had gotten from Bed, Bath & Beyond. We ran out of those bags and used 40-gallon trash bags. Randy ran to go get the car and I watched our pile of laundry. Finally Randy arrived with the car and we piled in all of our laundry. The back seat was folded down and we had it packed full. There was no room for anything else. We arrived at the launderette and it was our lucky day we got a parking space just outside.

 We dragged some of our bags in and found some huge washers. I swear that I could fit inside some of them. Randy started loading the washers and I made several runs to get our mound of clothes out of the car. We finally got all of our clothes into 5 triple sized washers. Randy had started three of them and I was just finishing up loading the other two. Randy popped the bleach in one and I closed the doors on the other washers.... looking for the quarters. Check the jacket pockets...check the pants pockets...where did I put them...how could I lose two film canisters of Quarters??? Oh there they are.

 Just as I was about to start putting in money, three of the machines behind me stopped. I turned around and think to myself, "Wow, what are the chances of that! Three machines all finishing at the exact same time." Then I realized how quiet it had become all of a sudden. I walked over to Randy... who was trying to figure out why after he had just finished putting in all the quarters and the machine filled with water and started to spin it had just stopped. "The powers out," I said to Randy.

 The natives of the place became restless. I figured...the circuit breaker has flipped off and they just need to flip it back on. One of the attendants that work there was running from one breaker panel to another. Nothing.... flip them back an fourth... nothing. Eventually the little guy told us that he had made a called and the owner was on his way.

 Thirty minutes later the owner arrived. Meanwhile.... one of our loads was still soaking in the water with the bleach. The owner then ran to all the circuit boxes and flipped some switches and.... nothing happens. He then said he was going to the basement. Five minutes later...the machines popped back on.... Hurray!... no!? Wait!? The power was off again. The owner came back up with a puzzled look on his face. We told him that the power came on for about 5 seconds and then went off again. He ran back down to the basement... the power came on... "Will it last?", we thought.... "Is it going to shut off again?"... "Should I put my quarters in the other two machines???" "Yes", I decided, "I should". Where were my quarters??? Oh there they were, I remembered... Hey!.... Shit! The power was out again. Well at least we weren't in a rush or needing to be anywhere any time soon. The owner returned and called PG&E (Pacific Gas and Electric.)

 "They're going to send someone out", he said. Some people decided not to wait...the people who were drying their clothes... You see the washing machines remain locked until the end of their cycle. Once the door is closed and the machine has started... there's no going back. And, by the way, the default position for the doors is locked... so if the power is out and the door is closed... even if there is nothing in the machine... it’s locked. So all our clothes were locked inside the machines. I thought they were safe. Randy and I decided to go get some lunch. We walked down to "Hot N Chunky." I love the burgers at "Hot N Hunky" and "Hot N Chunky" used to be "Hot N Hunky." So I was excited to get a delicious burger. I was not pleased. I might as well have been at McDonalds. Little burger, big bun and not fresh. Oh well, my coke was perfect and it was a beautiful day out.

 We returned to the Launderette. There are not many people left ...but all the machines are full. One Girl was talking to the owner saying that she had to go she couldn't be back until 8 p.m. that night. Her clothes were in the washers and still needed to be dried. He offered to put her clothes into the dryer, but she was worried about them wrinkling. Eventually they come to an agreement and she gave him her phone number, he labeled her washers and she left. We decided that we should leave too. We gave him our number and asked the owner to call us when the Power came back on. We tried to come up with some other errand to run but couldn't. So we headed home. Randy & I started working around the house and actually get a lot done.

 After a few hours I asked Randy what time the laundry closes. He said midnight I asked if we should call them and get an update??? Great idea. Randy called. The owner answered the phone and let us know that the power is back on. "Did you call us??" Randy asked. "I left a message," he said. There was no message on our machine and besides, We'd been home all along. Oh well he must have misdialed. We returned to the launderette and got an even better parking place. Finally, six hours after we started we were finished with our laundry. Some of our whites were yellowish from the bleach, but we were DONE!! We still had to fit all our clothes back into the car and then the elevator. But we were done.

After three years with Randy we broke up. I moved out of our tenderloin apartment and into a Crazy house on market street. After about a year there I started to date again. I started to datelike i had never dated before, I call this period my SLUT faze.

</span>Who’s the April Fool, Baby!</span></p>

                            An Episode from "The Market House Files"

Friday march 31st Today is Doug’s birthday. Doug is the boy I have been dating for about two and a half months now. I am ill, I called in sick today. I sleep all day and hope I am well enough to go to the party. I am well enough by the time the party is set to begin. Oscar (My roommate) and I arrive fashionably late, or so we thought. Oscar was told originally to arrive at 8:00 by the host. Doug told me more like 9:00 and that he would probably arrive early around 8:30. Oscar and I arrive at 9:15...there are four other people there. We should have known. We are dealing with Drag Queens and friends of drag queens. Doug by the way is not one of the four. He doesn’t arrive until around 10:30. By this time...I have had some vodka and have been having a grand time talking with the many guests who have arrived. Oscar and I are having a blast talking with new and old friends as Doug plays the social butterfly. 

For a good portion of the evening there are two boys, Eric and Brian, that are hitting on Oscar and myself.  It was very flattering and amusing. Both boys are very cute. Eric is funnier than hell on a bad day, and Brian is somehow able to stand...although Oscar and I could not tell how the fumes held him up. This boy was able to hold a conversation, all be it sometimes in French...and stand, even though he was the drunkest person at the party.  Oscar and I marveled at him and his perfect skin. Eric had two of the best pick-up lines I have ever heard...the first one was, “What are you doing tomorrow? Wanna have sex with me tonight?” the other one...Was even better but that would stretch this out way too long because I would have to give history.  Well that was Doug’s party in a nutshell. I went home alone and slept in the next day.

When I woke up I did not remember it was April Fools Day.  Oscar had a date with his new boyfriend Joe, who I had never met. Oscar invited me to go to lunch with him, Joe, his sister and her girlfriend...yes it runs in the family! We went to Pasta Pomodoro and had a wonderful time...even though my nose kept running and running. Afterward I was going to go home and Oscar was going with Joe to get ice cream. We said goodbye to Oscar’s sister and began to walk back to the Castro. Distraction occurs along the way and the idea of ice cream is lost. In fact we run into Brian. He seems much more sober this afternoon. Off Brian goes and Oscar suggests that we see if Michael B is working at our favorite bar. We three venture. But Michael is not there.

This is where I do some creative backtracking.  I was visiting Michael about a week prior when a girl asked me if I was new in town...She thought I was because I was not there with anyone and not talkative with anyone...because I was visiting Michael. She then introduces me to Berry who just moved here from Canada. He and I talked for quite a while and closed the bar down. I walked him partway home and continued home alone. He and I had exchanged a few emails and phone calls. Thursday, the day before Doug’s birthday Berry and I went out on a date.

Now you may be thinking “but you’re dating Doug!”

Flash Back...further!

Before I met Berry I had been trying to get some sort of recognition of the relationship Doug and I had. This was in vain. Doug said he just wanted to spend time with me and that he was not ready for the relationship to move very fast. I being the focused, movement oriented person I am...needed something to draw my obsession away from grounding my relationship with Doug. I was discussing this with Michael when I was introduced to Berry.

My date with Berry went amazingly well. We walked all over town. We were going to the Red Vic to see a move called, “American Movie.” We missed the previews and had to run all the way from Golden Gate Park because we were having so much fun talking that we didn’t notice that it was time for the movie.

Flash Forward…

Oscar and Joe and I are getting drinks at Michael’s Bar, but Michael is not there. We are there about five minutes when Berry arrives. We are all having fun when Oscar gets a page and borrows my phone to call Sergio. Oscar and Joe leave to go meet Sergio at The Edge. Berry and I finish our drinks and Leave to meet Sergio, Oscar, and Joe.

On the way my phone rings...It’s Doug.

“What are you doing?” He asked.

“I’m on my way to meet Oscar and Sergio at The Edge,” I said.

“Oh really! We were just on our way to the Castro, Maybe we will meet you there.”

“Alright,” I said. Oh shit, I thought. What Am I going to do?

I was able to pull Oscar aside when we arrived...He thought it was hilarious…. “What where you thinking??” he said. “What are you going to do? I can’t wait to watch the hilarity ensue!” Good friend, Huh?

“I didn’t invite him...I don’t’ know!! Where is Sergio?” I asked.

“He hasn’t arrived yet, I don’t think he is going to come. He is supposed to be at a movie in 20 minutes. We’re leaving...what are you going to do?” 

Are you seeing the Three’s Company set up now. I discuss with Berry what he wants to do. Although he still has no clue that I am dating another boy and that he is on his way into the area. He decides that he would like to go to “The Bar on Castro.” It’s not The Edge...I think it’s a good idea. Let’s go.

Now I’ve have already had enough to drink...but they don’t have Red Bull so I order another Red Hook, Gotta stick with the color theme. We finish our drinks and are talking a while longer when I ask if he would like to leave...I keep imagining Doug walking through the door and seeing me kissing Berry! We decide to go back to my place so I can show him some of my pictures. I tell him that we should walk up Market. That way we will not walk up 18th street past the edge and risk running into Doug.) We get about ten feet down the road away from 18th towards market when I see Doug walking and smiling at me.  OH shit, Oh Shit Oh Shit!!! What do I do what do I do!  Why do I always have to be Jack Tripper? Why cant I be Janet, sure she wasn’t very pretty but she never got into trouble.

Introductions...Brief this is Berry this is Doug and Rob...this is Berry. What was said was responded to but not heard...all my brainpower was going into remaining calm and getting out of this with neither of them the wiser. Doug and Rob were on their way to the Edge. They had stopped to visit Jay (Doug’s best friend) at InJean-ious, that’s why it took them so long...And If I Had Walked Up 18th Instead...I Never Would Have Run In To Them!  Doug said that they were going to go to the Café now...and we should go with them...Ahhh how can I escape? We walk past InJean-ious; I need more time before we get into a bar. I see Jay and say I need to thank him again for throwing such a great party the night before. This gave me the time I needed to come up with my plan...I’ll claim that I am too cold...(It was warm today...Shorts, Wife-Beater, and a Hawaiian shirt unbuttoned) and that I have already had enough to drink. I managed to drop Doug and Rob off at The Café and head back to Market House with Berry. Oh thank god! But still there is unfinished business that needs to be done.

Before Berry went home I told him that I have been dating another guy. He says basically, no problem...I haven’t known you long enough to say you can’t date anyone else, but hopefully we will come to that part, I really like you.  This makes me very happy. Now I need to tell Doug. At least then...if this happens again it will be uncomfortable but bearable, with no fear of finger pointing about unsaid rules. Now at the time of this writing...I have not had a chance to tell Doug. I’ve spoken with him over the phone (And believe that he has no clue) but I haven’t seen him, he has been busy and I have been trying to give him some space. However I have seen Berry.

Stay tuned for next week for a hilarious new episode of “The Market House Files”

There is more to come!


Eric & Kimby’s NY Adventure!

Episode two from “The Market House Files”

Wednesday, April 5th, Tomorrow is Kim’s birthday.   Kim wanted to do one thing for her birthday, See the great comedian from England, Eddie Izzard. Kim is slightly obsessed with him, but he is the perfect man for her. He is incredibly smart, funny, and a transvestite. So he has gay sensibility but sleeps with women. Eddie has been touring Europe and happened to be in the US on Kim’s birthday, and in one of her favorite cities, New York. It did not take long for her to decide she was going to see him for her birthday. She invited me. I had never been there before, I love Eddie and Hmmm, and I need some new outfits. All right that’s reason enough.  She got the Eddie tickets; I made airline reservations though my fabulous travel agent Dave. He got us a great deal. We love Dave.

            I leave work Wednesday and begin to hurry home. I jump on a bus and am off toward Market Street. When I get to market I run down into the underground to catch the subway. I need to hurry, our ride to the airport leaves in three hours and I need to get home, Pack and Eat. When I get underground there are tons of people waiting talking to a gate agent. The underground is not running. This is not good. This means that I have to fight all the people who would be taking the subway who are now taking buses above ground. And there are not many that go near my house.

So I run up and manage to get on a 5 Fulton bus. This will take me halfway home… And maybe by the time I get off the subway maybe running. Well, the bus gets one stop before a poor old man fell in front of the stopped bus. He wasn’t hit but he was a bloody mess. I got off the bus and began to walk; I knew they would need to call an ambulance and would not be able to go until the ambulance came. The 5 Fulton runs along the Center Island. This meant all the busses that run along the island that were behind it would be stalled as well. The same went for the F market Trolley. The only buses that could get through would only take me a few blocks closer and I could beat them on foot.

I began to walk. I began to panic. I began to think, “Why didn’t I pack last night?” I got about two blocks when I really began to think about my options. I could wait for the 5 Fulton that is being held up until an ambulance comes. I could run to the next underground station and see if it has started running again. I could walk. I could… try and catch a cab… but I’ll never get one… “Hey there’s an empty cab!”

I got in the cab and was home lickity split. Kim wasn’t home yet. Did she need to pack? Probably not. Oh well get moving! I began to pack with frenzy. I was doing five things at once. Doug came by and kept jay and Oscar Company. He such a sweetheart to console them when their roommates are leaving town. Poor Jay and Oscar were devastated! We could tell by the champagne that was opened on a Wednesday night. I’m all packed now. But Kim is still not home. Dana, our ride to the airport, has called twice and is on her way over. She also tells me that Kim has not packed yet. Oh, Shit! She also let me know that a friend of hers from New York is staying with her and she will let us stay in her apartment in the West Village. Oh, Shit!!

Kim arrives and yells, “Don’t talk to me I have to pack, I only have 15 minutes.”  As she throws down some of her stuff and begins to run upstairs.

I ignore this statement and begin, “Hey Kim, Dana called and she said”

“Don’t talk… Packing” She Replied.

I decided, best to wait!  She packs, Dana arrives, and I am relaxing and talking with Doug, Jay, and Oscar. Kim finally finished packing and we leave for the airport. We arrive at the airport and grab the Keys to our West Village apartment from Dana.  We get on the plane and fly to Pistburg…. Layover… Not long, then Back on another plane to LaGuardia. We arrive at 7am… or some ungodly hour. We hop in a taxi and join the Thursday morning traffic commute into the city. We have had maybe two hours of sleep. We are the Red Eye. We arrive at our apartment and it is lovely. It has personality. It slants. The back part of the apartment is about a foot higher than the front; and there are no stairs.

We find the spare keys and have one mission for the day… Find the spare keys and mail the originals back to Dana so Velocinee, the apartment owner, can get back in. We decide to do this before we fall asleep. Besides we are hungry.  We grab food next door to the Ana Sui Boutique. We then set out to find Fed Ex. To make a long story shorter… It took us five hours and four phone calls to find one. But we were a bit distracted by the Soho shops.  We shopped and shopped till we dropped… for a three-hour nap. We had a show to go to tonight. It’s Kim’s birthday and we need to see Eddie!

The show was all right. Not great, Eddie has the flu. After the show we walk… no wait… stumble from bar to bar until we find our way back home. We awake the next day at around 2:30 P.M. Jetlag is a bitch isn’t it. We wander out to get a little shopping done. New Shoes, New Earrings, New Tattoos. We are set. We are now ready to get some food and head to the show. Oh wait, you might be wondering about the new Tattoos, I did say
New Tattoos. We didn’t get any, It was just fun to write, but we did buy tickets to Headwig that day.

Eddie is much better this evening. We are happy. We pub crawl home and hit the hay. By the way, This is not only the city that never sleeps it’s also the city that never stops yelling.  Thank god we are always so exhausted when we go to sleep. Of course we are living above some of the hottest clubs and pubs of West Village.  The clubs… that closed way after we went to bed… around 4-5 A.M. Every club is the Endup! Amazing.

The next day it is shopping in on Bleaker Street. We have to journey back to the Apartment every time we get a block further down Bleaker Street. Our first venture out we got two blocks; Second, Half a block; Third, a whole four blocks. We got some great shoes. That evening we went and saw the Show Headwig. A show about an East German botched Post-OP Transsexual rock and roll star. It was a great show and we had AMAZING seats. We sat next to “Donna Headwig 400.” This is how HER seat was labeled. We assumed that she had seen the show 400 times. Kim and I both loved the show and I bought the CD. Afterward we went out drinking and clubbing again… surprise.

Early, Early the next mourning we woke up to go to the Laguardia.  It’s raining. I pray and pray for a taxi to be waiting outside our apartment for us… Low and behold, there is a taxi waiting for us. We get in and it turns from rain to sleet as we cross the bridge. When we get to the airport it is snowing. Mind you it is April. While Kim and I are getting breakfast a Crazy woman from Florida is having a heart attack about the snow. I lend her my cell phone so she can wake up her family in Florida so she can scram in their ears, “I’m in New York and it’s snowing.” 

We fly a long flight and arrive home… It’s 2:30 in the afternoon… I need a drink! But that my friends leads into episode three, aptly called “Three” which is much better than episode two.

Three to come!



Episode “THREE!” from “The Market House Files”

            Sunday, April 9th, I have just arrived back from New York. The plane landed at 2:30 PM. Kim and I arrived home around 4. I need a drink. I head on down to visit Michael, who is the strange hub of my relationships. I meet Doug through Michael and I meet Berry while visiting Michael. Is it Michael or is it the bar… Hmmm. No it’s Michael, I meet Doug at TrannyShack through Michael, but that is another story.

            After a quick lunch with Kim I head over to Moby Dick to visit Michael and show him my new shoes, pants and shirt that says:

“World’s Largest Salami”

“WOW!         It’s True!”

“Hard to Believe!”

“Johnson City, Tennessee”

ONE-Eric3: When I arrived the place was packed.  I manage to fight my way to the bar and order a drink from Michael. I then manage to find a seat at the end of the bar so I can talk to Michael. I am sitting next to a guy named Terry who is retired and I see in the bar all the time. He is a total sweetheart. Michael Terry and I talk trash for while but then Terry has to leave. I continue talking with Michael for a while… other people move into the area vacated by Terry.  I take give Oscar a call telling him to come join me for a drink, and see my NEW SHOES! I am after all, Very excited about my new shoes.

I am chatting with the people who replaced Terry when a friend of theirs arrive who is… already alcohol happy. He is not too badly drunk, but he has had a few. He also seems to like me. He is very handsome, Hispanic or Italian in origin, about 27-30 years old.

He introduces himself and has his arm around me. His name is Mathew. He is very cute, a bit shorter than beautiful skin dark dreamy eyes, very nice strong arms, and me. We chat for a while; he is beginning to win me over. I find out that I am right about the Hispanic-Italian background. He is 50-50. I found out I was completely wrong about the age. He is 45. I about shit my pants. I really thought he was in his 20’s. I’m a bit worried about the age. But also, I don’t need another boy. I already have two; I don’t need “Three.”

I have Doug who I have been dating since Valentines Day and Berry who I have been dating since mid March. Both of who know I am dating other guys (see Episode One.) I really have my hands full with both of them.

TWO-Oscar3: Oscar arrives; my arms are around Mathew. I get up and give him a hug and scream “Oscar!” I turn to see He has brought Eric. I love Eric; He has been seeing Oscar since Doug’s birthday party (from Episode One.) Eric is one of Doug’s patients and is cuter than hell. I turn to Eric and Scream, “Eric!” and Give him a Hug.

Then I turn to see Joe! I scream “Joe! And give him a big hug. Who is Joe, you may be asking. Joe is the other guy Oscar has been seeing. I first meet Joe (in Episode One) when Oscar, Joe, Oscars sister and her girlfriend went out to lunch at Pasta Pomodoro.”

Flash back to a few days before I went to New York: Oscar and Eric are hanging out when a group of us decide to head to Moby Dick. Hey the cast of “Friends” hangs out at “The Peek” or something like that; Norm and Cliff hang out at “Cheers”, We hang out at Moby Dick. Hey we get free drinks. Michael is a former roommate after all. Anyway a few days before I leave for NY we are heading down to Moby Dick’s when Oscar realizes something. He realizes that Joe hangs out at Moby’s as well. We may run into him. Oscar if you remember told me not to tell Doug and Berry about each other, that they had no reason to know! Justice is best served cold! He is beginning to panic and asks me for advice. I tell him to do the opposite of what he told me. I have after all lived though it. He half listens and tell Eric that He is seeing someone else. But never tells Joe.

Flash forward. It takes me a minute to realize that I just hugged Oscar, then Eric and then Joe! Oh, shit! This is going to be interesting. Oscar knows, Eric knows but not who… and is about to find our, and Joe knows nothing. Thank god I have had enough Vodka that I can just sit back and watch!

Oscar stumbles out, “Joe, Hi!” and gives him a hug. “You know what, I gotta go! I’ll see you guys latter!” and he leaves.

Hmmm that was short, not what I was expecting at all, I agonized for at least twenty uncomfortable minutes.

Mathew is smiling at me, “You know Oscar, I love Oscar; and you know Joe as well, Joe is one of my best friends!”

 I stay with Mathew and hang out for a while, but eventually find Joe again. Joe is a smart boy and knows what is up. He says to me, “So Oscar is dating that other guy as well, huh? He’s really cute! I don’t know why Oscar left like that, It was really childish!”

Joe was with Oscar when he was “watching the hilarity ensue" with Doug and Berry, But Joe is taking this very well I think. He understands that he has not been seeing Oscar long enough to expect forsake all others.  We are talking about this when Oscar returns. He says to Joe, a bit of explanations but mistakenly uses the word friend and leaves. Joe is a bit upset that he is told Eric is a friend, rather than a date. Oscar meant it as friend/Date but it came off as “oh we are just friends.”

Joe and I talk for a while longer and then Mathew and I leave to go meat one of his friends at the bar across the street, “Uncle Bert’s.”  We make a date for Thursday night. After all I am allowed to date and he is nice, funny, and a great conversationalist!

THREE-JAY3: The next day I arrive home to find Jay very upset. He has been in a terrible fight with Andy. Andy is a guy who he has been seeing for two years. Jay has been giving Andy his unconditional love and receiving very little other than empty words. On this day, Jay has had it and called Andy on the fact that he takes and takes and never gives. Of course Andy turns it around to make it all Jay’s fault and make Jay feel like he is unfairly accusing Andy. Andy is skilled in this. Andy reduces Jay to tears.

Jay is walking down the street in tears when he runs into Yancy. Yancy is a boy that Jay works with who jay has had a crush on for quite some time. He is not quite out of the closet yet , and has a son the same age as Jay’s boy, Bean Yes, Jay is a dad. And Jay is also married, but not to the mother of his child. The mother live in Woodstock  now with their child who was concieved through 0 natural means.

Jay has not told Yancy about Andy. Jay also has never done anything but hang out and be cute with Yancy. So when Yancy sees Jay on the street crying and asks him, “what’s wrong?” Jay does not tell him about Andy. He just says that he got into a fight with someone.

Three: Three people, one lesson: oh, what a tangled web we weave when we practice to deceive.



( 3 comments — Leave a comment )
Oct. 5th, 2005 09:41 am (UTC)
What insanity and energy! I suppose you never had to go back and read these tales, because you lived them, but they make for interesting reading. Your trip to New York was as insane to read about here as it was to hear about when you told me the story, but the perfect way to live. There's no sense in doing things any other way than a day at a time, because we never know what's coming: I think I'd have gone cross-country to see Eddie Izzard too, had I been invited.

You all seemed to be playing a very complicated dating game at the time. The energy in the air must have been right for all of you to meet and briefly bond, and be open to the variety of possibilities.

How did Jay, Andy and Yancy's story work out? Did Oscar apologize for not being honest? I shall have to read on and discover more.
Oct. 5th, 2005 05:28 pm (UTC)
Funny you should read those... I was thinking about this set last night. I wrote these way before i started to blog, and before I understood much about blogging. I think they need to be broken up into smaller posts and rewritten; at least have the spelling and Grammar fixed. There are parts that make me cringe. Then there is that part of me that wants to keep it the way it is... it does show growth.

Jay and Andy broke up. nothing much ever came of the relationship with Yancy. Oscar did apologize but the relationship with both Eric and Joe didn't last more than a month.
Oct. 5th, 2005 08:38 pm (UTC)
Part of the joy of journalling is going back and seeing how we've changed: not just as people, but as writers and as perceivers of reality. If you were to adapt these stories for use in a different medium, then certainly you could edit and alter them, but as part of your blog, they are part of who you were then, and should (in my view) be left as they are.

Never cringe at who you were and how you expressed yourself: enjoy and embrace your past.

I enjoyed reading them, and experiencing their almost teenage energy. It was uplifting, and certainly helped me today.
( 3 comments — Leave a comment )