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So mush stuff going on it's hard to concentrate on anything enough to really know how I feel about it. My head feels like it going to explode with thoughts, snot, and blood. Family friends, love, health, work, and home.

Family. My Mom has been having even more medical problems. Besides being allergic to wheat/glutten/dairy/perfume/dust, she now has been having problems with her leg muscles. She is so weak with her leg muscles that she cannot get up from sitting without using her arms as the main muscles. She was going to several specialist to find out what she has now. Turns out she has a rare inflammatory muscle disease called Polymyositis. She is now taking Steroids... Hope she doesn't get bigger muscles than mine... That would be embarrassing. I've learned not to worry about my mom's health. It's always bad but she always comes though. She always keeps a positive attitude, and that is the best medicine. My mom has had more medical problems than anyone I have ever met. She has had over a hundred surgeries above her shoulders. When she was just born she was vomiting, so of course the Doctors decided to treat this by shooting radiation at her head. Needless to say she developed skin cancer. But my mom is a trooper. She'll make it over this next hurdle... She always does. The snub is that I brought back a suitcase of yummy gluten free treats from London and the steroids coat her tongue dulling her sense of taste. Damn it my mom deservers yummy cookies.

Friends. My best friend Phinny since the age of five and his family pretty much adopted me as one of there own. Phinny's little brother joined the Marines right out of high school, pretty much to rebel against his liberal parents. About a year and a half ago he was released, but was reactivated last month and is now in Kuwait.

My brother's best friend is also over in Kuwait, He was a police officer in Phoenix before he was reactivated so the powers that be decided that he is used to gruesome sights and assigned him to Morgue duty. He is really depressed and so We've sent him a DVD movie of a trip we all took to Mexico. Hope he can watch it and hope it cheers him up.

In college I studied photojournalism. There were about ten of us with this emphasis and we all took the same classes together for two years. Most of us still keep in touch infrequently... It was really quite a scare for me to see this...
Moises one of the missing journalist was one of my classmates. Luckily they found him in Jordan before I even got back to the States.

Dana's Partial Bypass surgery went great and she is doing really well. She says for the first time in her life she is not hungry. She has just started to eat small amounts of solid food again. It's good that some good things are happening to my friends. She also found out that she is going to be keeping her job and is not going to be let go like she thought. We are all quite happy about this.

My sweet little Tom drove me insane on the vacation... I was tempted to put Valium in a hotdog and feed it to him a few times. He really needs to learn how to let things go and relax. Respond to intentions not the actions. He also scared me a little bit. He was so uninterested in sex, I kept worrying that he wanted to break up with me. Our relationship has been a bit rocky lately but what relationship of three years is perfect.

I have been sick since my return to the states. I have one hell of a cold. I am still quite dizzy. I went home from work early yesterday and missed my Sigor Ros concert. So did Lanny who had food poisoning... We think. This cold is really kicking my ass. I can't wait until my head stops pounding and my throat returns to normal.

Work is the same as ever. My boss seems to not realize that I can't quite be as productive in the sick state I am in. I get dizzy standing... Sorry I'm not fast enough for you.

Home- Tonight I will wade though all the laundry I will continue to put off, I will ignore all the cleaning that needs to be done, I will sit on the couch and watch Angel.



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Apr. 10th, 2003 05:34 am (UTC)
Sometimes I know just how you feel about the sig other... I'll let you know when I figure out how to deal with it. LOL

Welcome home from the Europe trip!

By the way, I loved your bio... very interesting.

Apr. 10th, 2003 11:36 am (UTC)
My boy really needs some therapy. He takes everything way too seriously. If someone cuts him off while driving, he takes it like they did it only to piss him off. That's no way to live life. Any advice you can give will be gladly accepted.
Apr. 10th, 2003 01:11 pm (UTC)
Kick him in the nads! (Just playin... you KNOW you smiled!)

Hmm, anger management might be a good idea... therapy could help. Mine doesn't need anger management, he's seldom a short fuse. Mine just needs to ::expletive deleted:: open up and talk to me once in a while. When something is bothering him, he kinda clams up and gets bitchy. And then there's the sex life... er... I mean and then there isn't the sex life. Tee hee. Like I said before, I know how you feel about thinking the other one wants to break up. I deal with that myself from time to time. But we're working on it. I'm trying to get him to open up to me some more. After all, we celebrate our one year anniversary in a week from Monday. That's the longest either of us have ever been in a relationship...

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