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Lets face it. I've never been a great writer, I don't really have it in me. I'm not even very dependable with my entries. Through he years I've tried to keep journals but have never been able to keep up with them. when I was in my late teens I had my very gothic Morrissy-esque "I'm alone, gay and dejected" journal. I updated it several times a week for many months...until it disappeared. I'm sure my brother took it. if he did bother to read very much of it I'm sure he was horrified. I went to a different school than my brother and neighbors. I went to a downtown school. I dressed in all black and sat in my darkened room listening to Nine inch Nails, Ministry, The Smiths, The Cure, ect, Ect. Apparently all the neighborhood kids my age thought I was a Heroin dealer. I would write in my journal all my fears as I listened to the every inspiring sounds of depression and beats. I wrote about how my first time was a disaster and a huge mistake. Of course now I know it was just a hard learning experience. I know if my brother read it he probably didn't get very far. I know that he was the first person in my family to acknowledge my gay-ness. What I don't know is what happened to that journal. It probably just ended up being burned... like so much of my stuff did by my brother. I'm doing much better this time around. My journal can't be lost or burned... unless there is some server blow out. Lets not dwell.

Anyway, This week has been so busy. I had to come in early twice this week just to keep up. the one nice thing was that I brought in my PowerBook to work yesterday, and when the two meetings that I had to attend -pretty much just to listen- I was able to put my Mac on mute and edit /finish my movie and organize some photos for the next movie.

I was going to buy a Gameboy Advanced before my trip so I would be able to play games on the plane but the new and much cooler one (rechargeable batteries are good for the environment) is coming out the day after I land in London. No point in wasting that much money, I guess I will load some games on my little 12" PowerBook and hope that I can either keep it charged or fall asleep. I've only been able to sleep on a plane once, and that was because I hadn't slept in over forty hours.

My company has doubled in size, the company that we acquired only has TWO gay boys, and no Lesbians. There are only about 7 girls, and all the boys are under 5'5". A friend of mine said that the percentages should be at least 6 people should be gay if not more. That means some are just closeted. The problem with that logic is that 80% male does not mean that some of them are actually women. But it is weird the skewed demographic the new company has.

tap, tap tap...

Still no closer to the next Tale of Two Cities, or even Tales of the City.



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Mar. 14th, 2003 03:14 pm (UTC)
I've been trying to work out the probability that the next person we hire will be a hot guy. There is absolutely no eye candy in this office and I need something to pass the time.
Mar. 14th, 2003 05:00 pm (UTC)
No Worries..
Hey Monkey, just make entries when you can. Besides you have alot going on right now with your trip and all. Pus all that noise over at you neighbors keeping you up.

I'm sure there is alot more gays at your company. Here at where I work there is alot of closeted lesbians licking there lips at each other Huh, come to think of it there isn't any other gay men in my department of 15 teen. Uh-huh, something isnt right with this..hmm.
Mar. 15th, 2003 02:33 pm (UTC)
Lets face it. I've never been a great writer, I don't really have it in me. I'm not even very dependable with my entries.

For what it's worth, I really do enjoy reading your journal. Even if you don't update very often.
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