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New Obsession.

sometimes I become a little too focused on things... one might call it obsession. I've been spending all my free time working on my iMovie slideshow. I am a trigger happy photographer and took a few hundred photos with my digital camera on my last trip to Mexico and I've been trying to make them a bit more interesting for others to watch. I have it condensed down to about a 13 minute music video. It still needs some tweaking to get it to flow nicely but the majority is done. I am slowly beginning to realize what an obsessive person I am. I am constantly getting bit by some bug who takes over my thoughts for a few days... and the I all better. the worst case was when I discovered. Derek's Big Website of Wal-Mart Purchase Receipts. I could not get enough of this lame site. I was reading it for at least two weeks. There was a lot to read. I would probably still be obsessed with it if it hadn't become a boring chat room. All the jokes went away, and were replace with: "I like you, your funny (gives you a hug)" Glad they ruined the site so I could get on to my next obsession. I just did a search for the site and now it seems to be gone. All those Wal-Mart baby bomb jokes gone to the land of counter cards... oh well.


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Mar. 6th, 2003 05:20 pm (UTC)
There is nothing wrong with being obsessive...
I'm the same way. My new obsessive is photo's in old books. Last week it was old 70 porn movies.
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