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Shit lines of pessimism

The water boils with self doubt
the world around filled with fear
shut it out don't let it in
it's not happening
can't you see
kind people surround me
other will flee
it's nothing
no really
it's not a tear
just some water

the water burns hot with self loathing
who's fault is it surely it's mine
If I did the right thing people would be kind
I would know the answers if I was smarter
I could be happy and spread it around
I should be stronger for myself
just some water

Black smoke rises from the lake
why is everything around me burning away
why can't I seem to control anything
why does everything look like a sign
Why am I even looking for them
do I even believe
I don't know anymore
just some water

What if the damn breaks
the flaming water flowing down to the rest of the world
Flowing across the forests and valleys
Emotions held in check
feelings under control
everything is going to be alright honey
your here now your safe
everything is going to be alright
just calm down
just drink some water


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Feb. 10th, 2003 08:49 pm (UTC)
very visual, i like that

you know, pessimism isn't necessarily bad, dorothy parker made a career out of it!

;-) and writing stuff out helps heal wounds, imho.

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