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Oh Brother!

Once when I was in high school, my best friend Phinny was spending the night and we were fast asleep. My brother comes crashing into my room and wakes us up in a panic. We had to get up- We had to look outside-There are people out there. What are they doing?, he ranted. Oh my god, do you see... do you see them. We didn't. Oh my god, what are they doing, they're steeling hubcaps, they've got shotguns, oh my god what are they doing. Oh my god give me the phone, I've got to call the police.

He called 911. We still did not see a thing out the window. Was it because we had just been jerked out of sleep at four in the morning, or was it because my brother had done speed the night before and then acid this evening? I'll let you decide. When the eight police cars showed up my brother went out to talk to and apologize to the police. I thought it was a really bad idea. Turns out I was completely wrong. Not only was my brother not arrested but he was commended by one of the officers as being an outstanding citizen keeping watch over the neighborhood. Who knew.