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Soundtrack for the death of a nation

When I met him I was on a date. My date was annoying me demanding to hear me say I loved him. We had gone out less than 5 times. I barley knew him and I don’t respond well to bullying and I will never use the L word when I don’t mean it. My date left to use the bathroom and while he was gone. Tom said to me, “Ditch him, you should be out on a date with me.” I did ditch him. Tom worked at Amoeba and when he was giving me a ride home he handed me a pile of new unopened CDs and asked what I wanted to listen to? I opened the new Chicane Album “Behind the Sun. I laughed as I read that track 8 “Don't give up” featured Bryan Adams. We totally had to listen to this.

“Don't worry if the sun don't shine
You've seen it before
You don't have to worry
Everyday is an up hill climb
Nothing has changed
Believe me when I tell ya
Don't give up, don't give up”

It’s 16 years later and it’s been the song of our relationship. When things got hard or weird or sad Bryan Adams told me not to give up, not to worry. I continued up the hills. Tom was by my side, encouraging me. Nothing had changed.

This week I was shaken. Something I had worried about. Something that scared me very very much… happened. I normally can see things from many perspectives. I can see the positives in things. I have the luck of the Irish after all. For those that don’t know it… Irish people are not lucky. We just see luck in shitty situations. When I was laid off it was good luck, it meant I got to spend time with my mom before she passed instead of feeling obligated to work. I was lucky I didn’t have to choose between working or taking time off to staying with her in the hospital, not knowing if I would be living a life of regret ever after. I’m finding it hard to see the positives in our new president.

I have friends who are latino, black, muslim, jewish trans, gay, lesbian, women and differently abled. My Muslim friends are the sweetest and most innocent of my friends. They don’t drink, they worry about the animals that are eaten, they love me for who I am. They are not terrorist. They are the furthest thing from it. They are closer to the ever peaceful Dali Lama. Yet they inspire fear from those ignorant enough to not know the difference between a real Muslim and an extremest psychopath. So they elect a new kind of Psychopath to be our leader to Protect them?

The reason so many of us are living in fear… and we are living in fear, is because in the past we have had leaders who were conservative, liberal, or a lovely mixture. We have never had a leader who was and extremist. In my book all extremist are bad. Take things too far and you loose perspective. Simplify things down too far and they no longer represent the values you were seeking. If you disagree let me make you some cookies… I’m not a baker… so I’ll simplify it to just a bag of flour. Enjoy! Trump is an extremest who simplifies things to a sound bite. Mexicans are rapist, Jews are fucking wall street. Muslims should be banned. The gays love me, I’m gong to repeal gay marriage. This man is appealing to fear and using those of us on the fringe as targets. And we have become targets, just days past and we have been attacked. Stabbings, shootings, assaults. It’s OK now. “Trump is president, get out faggots.” It’s time to go back to Baghdad, to Israel, Africa, Mexico, the kitchen, Don’t forget the closet.

So despite that we have elected an extremist who wants to take away my rights and round up millions, A VP who wants to electrocute the gay out of me, separate me from the man I love who is always by my side, appointed a hate group leaver as head of his domestic policy, I’m not going to worry. I’ve seen the sun before. I climb hills every damn day. They call me Faggot and it doesn’t matter. I’ve heard it before. I’m climbing this hill. Nothing has changed. I just see clearer who is with and against me. Believe me when I tell you. I’m not giving up. Time is changing the pendulum is swinging. It’s swung this way…. watch out when it swings back.

Achievement Unlocked: Angry Equality Warrior Unleashed


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Nov. 12th, 2016 05:48 am (UTC)
We need to put the WE in WE shall overcome.
The one sure solution we can provide here is encouraging and support for those who are deeply traumatized by this development. When in a real emergency it is time to get in the moment and deal with whats in front of you.

Any time there is a profound emotional push in any one direction question where that push is coming from. Someone wants everyone scared shit-less. Resisting fear is not just patriotic it is survival.

The problems with people in this crisis stem from an extremely low and depressed level of consciousness and emotional life energy. Maintaining or raising our own life energy here is key. If you have meditation or any other spiritual practice skills now is the time to use them. On the plus side such exercises will be extremely rewarding.

The key exercise here is refusing to dump energy in worrying about what might happen and focus on what IS in front of you.
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