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My 12" PowerBook has Shipped!

It should be here in a few days, I hope. I'm so excited! I really am such a dork. That's all on that for now. I've noticed lately that people really don't hear what I'm saying to them. They hear what they think I'm going to say. For example, Tom had gone to bed early tonight because he isn't feeling well, I lowered the volume on the TV and was surfing the Live Journals when I heard a woman quietly screaming, "Hello!" I look out the Window and it's Mariah, my noisy, self absorbed downstairs neighbor. There was something wrong with the door and she couldn't get in. I let here in through the garage and started to look into why the door wouldn't open. She thanked me for letting her in and said, "Good thing you were home, hope I didn't wake you." I said, "Yeah, I was just watching TV, good thing I had the volume turned down." To which she replied, "Yeah, I'm working on that!"

If that doesn't make sense to you let me explain, Tom has had several talks with the neighbors about Mariah practicing guitar and blasting music at four in the morning. It wouldn't have been a big deal if it didn't happen all the time as well as many other things like leaving the front door not only unlocked but WIDE open. We may live in a gay neighborhood but it's still not a safe one. There has been a rape inside our building, I walked past a drunken man shooting a gun as he walked down the street, and there have been at least four robberies in the last two years that I know of.

Back to my point, she didn't hear me say I was glad I had the volume turned down, what she heard was "you need to keep your volume down." Shit be as loud as you like up until midnight, just chill weekdays after midnight. oh, and don't forget to close and lock the door when you leave.

Done with my little rant.

I'm going to start designing my own T-shirts. Hold me to this. Maybe if I make cool enough stuff I can sell some, and go Martha Stewart on the world and put Gap out of business. Ah to dream while awake is like a James Bond movie... a lot of suspension of disbelief.

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