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You can fly and so can I... after you.

As I child the family vacation location of choice was the Colorado River just south of Parker Dam on the Arizona side of the river. My parents would pull my brother and I out of school several times a year and have us tell the teachers some strange story of visiting a sick relative going on some business trip with our parents. I distinctly remember my mom trying to explain very badly how it wasn't lying. She had very well made me understand that if I wanted to go to the river as many as 6 times and not upset the grownups at school I needed to do as they asked.

I learned a lot of things while at the river. I learned about the stars we were never able to see in the city, there were so many more in Arizona, the stars clearly were shy when too close to the ocean. I learned about tides and currents, I learned how electricity was created by dams and wind turbines. I learned about the dangers of Alcohol when a teen girl died of alcohol poisoning in the tent next to mine. I leaned a lot about idiots, both those who were idiot around me at the time and those who were idiots long long ago.

When we would ride in boats up and down the river I loved to look up at things. I loved to look up at the balls on the wires that warned planes of hard to see wires high in the sky. At night the balls looked like planets falling dangerously close earth, perhaps ruled by Ming the Merciless. I loved to look up at the dam, I love that I was allowed to say dam, I felt like I was getting away with something. I also loved to look up at the rock formations. I had two favorites. One we called simply the Indian and the other was named Idiot Rock. The Indian resembled a Native american head with headdress looking at the sky. There was a cave where the eye should be that makes it easy to understand. Idiot Rock was a beautiful insanely high cliff that was crumbing into the river. I loved listening to my dad tell stories of how it was named after some high idiot who who thought he could use some sheets to parachute or fly, so he spent hours climbing to the top of the cliff and jumped off to his death. The story would normally end with my dad saying, "Drugs can make you believe stupid things that can turn you into a dead idiot just like him. Drugs are bad."

The Indian

Idiot Rock

When I went to river in 2009 with my dad and brother I took a few pictures of my favorite places. A lot of the places looked very different but most of the land marks looked the same. I noticed Idiot Rock seemed to look like it was going to fall. We were with one of my dad new friends who lived on the river for over 20 years, he pointed to some shack like homes on the other side of the river, they all had for sale signs in their windows.

"See those homes, they are all for sale because it is falling. When that chunk falls it's going to cause a huge wave that will destroy pretty much everything along the river between the two dams, It may even take out the dam to the south and change the coarse of the river. The Army corp of Engineers have been measuring it's movements and they estimate it will fall within the next ten years if we continue to get bad storms. The state has asked for help but they can't get disaster money unless it's a disaster so they are waiting for it to happen. If it happens during the summer a lot of people are going to die. Idiots!"

Idiots indeed. My Dad told me it's moved even more, it seems so much smarter to shut the flow of the damn blast the rock, clear the debris and save some lives and money. Besides how cool would it be to see what crazy stuff was laying under the river all these years. I can't believe how quickly people are willing to gamble with other people's lives. The Corp of Engineers are only right sometimes they got lucky with that Hurricane Katrina incident. Engineers are not as smart as politicians.

 Walking On Sunshine by Katrina & The Waves from Living In Oblivion: The 80's Greatest Hits, Vol. 2 (Rating: 0)


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Aug. 22nd, 2010 03:21 pm (UTC)
My parents would pull my brother and I out of school several times a year and have us tell the teachers some strange story of visiting a sick relative going on some business trip with our parents.

I love that!
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