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These dreams go on

I awoke from a very vivid dream early this morning. Grumpus was digging on me to get under the covers. I think he didn't really want under the covers I think he wanted me to wake up.

The Dream

I’m at Amoeba Records with Tom and I have two throw pillows under my shirt giving me a small pouch. Someone has told me it will make me feel better; it will calm my stomach. I’m not sure if it has but I don’t want them there any more. I am about to drop them on the floor when Tom asks me what I’m doing; he hates it when things get put on the floor. I ask him if he wants to keep these dingy old pillow, why not throw them on the floor when he won’t ever see them again. He tells me I should put them in the slackers lounge and we walk to this small room that is full of mattresses covered in clean white sheets and pillows. It looks like the ultimate sleepover, the whole room is wall to wall bed.

There are a few people sitting in the room. I throw the pillows into the room and I almost hit one of the two big old beautiful record players in the room. The pillow almost hits the ornate needle arms that seem so large they should threaten to scratch the record but the song that is playing sounds perfect and it’s a song I like as well. I guess my pillow didn’t bump it. That is when I notice some of the people are sitting next to a tiny projector so I turn to see what they are watching. It’s striking, a close up of a clowns face only it’s all white with black lines and black numbers. On his cheek is the number 69, his lips have the number 7 and around his mouth in the stubble area is 24. I chuckled to myself about the numbers. There are a few other numbers on his face when I realize he’s talking, he has a British accent and his voice is posh and sophisticated. The paint by number clown in a black and white movie is giving advice. “The key is to figure out what colors you want to use, you don’t have to use a guide, just decide what colors you want to use and do it. That is the key to life.”

Behind the clown I notice a boy spinning in circles he is on one of those metal spinning circles that used to be in parks. It was so much fun, you could sit on the stool in the center or hold onto on of the four railings that when from the stool to outside of the circle. I liked to be on the edge of the ride so I could feel the gravity trying to throw me off. This boy was in that spot on the edge but something was wrong with the carousel. It wasn’t a circle, it was just a wedge of the the circle, only one arm coming out from the stool and actually there wasn’t a stool, or a floor for that mater. The boy was just holding onto the arm, his feet were placed where the arm should meet the floor. It seems odd this spinning arm with this single boy smiling and holding on with ease. I remember when I was a kid you could never get it to spin very fast if you were using it by yourself.

This year for halloween I think I might go as a paint by numbers clown, or possibly a computer Zombie.... RAM.... mmmm... RAM!


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May. 23rd, 2010 10:28 pm (UTC)
Bizarrely and wonderfully detailed.

And a Hallowe'en costume idea already? That's a first, isn't it? I like the paint-by-numbers clown, even though clowns are scary (but zombies are worse). Although people might decide to fill in the colours for you... that could be a cool interactive costume!

Hugs. Sleep well tonight. Miss you!
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