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I think that God has a sick sense of humor

A year ago today I advised my family to pull the plug on my mom and she quickly passed away. Part of my grieving process was to create a slideshow in iMovie in tribute to how wonderful my mom was. I would wake up and start scanning photos before I had even a cup of tea. I revised the movie quite a few times before her wake. Everyone loved the movie and I kept thinking how sad my mom never got to see it and how wonderful it was when I made a similar movie for when Tom's Dad turned 80. We threw a huge party and projected the movie on a screen and Tom's dad just loved it. We made him so happy, it was wonderful.

I decided I would make a slideshow movie for my grandfather for his 100th birthday in September. I sent out old slides and negatives to scancafe (an amazing deal I highly recommend) in November I contacted different relatives who might have access to great photos that I didn't have. I talked with them about sending them boxes to have their slides, negatives and photos scanned. Everyone was enthusiastic about this project. I sent the last box out three weeks ago.

Today I am back in Long Beach, I flew down today after putting four hours of work. My Grandfather's health has taken a turn for the worse. It really came as a surprise to me. The man seemed like he would live forever, he walked three miles everyday, still drove and people constantly would not believe he was over 80 years old. He belonged to a computer club and could fix his own computer. I used to harass people that my 99 year old grandfather could do it so they should just try a little harder.

I can't believe that once again I'm working on yet another wake video, it's the third one in the last year. This one should be quite amazing, My grandfather was at one point the worlds youngest telegraph operator, a post master and he even worked on a train. It seems we shared quite a few interests because he took a ton of great pictures but he was almost always behind he camera.

The thing that saddens me the most is my poor dad. He lost his wife a year ago and now he is losing his father and he has no ability to express his feeling at all. He feels he has to hide his emotions, that he shouldn't cry, he can't show his vulnerabilities. He can't even bring himself to end conversations with "I love you" unless it's a obligated response of "I love you too."

Seriously, I ready for the deaths to stop and a good job to come my way. You listening up there? Don't make me start some "Blasphemous Rumors" about Your sick sense of humor.