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Biological Clock

I have to say I've been desiring change lately but I have been really disturbed by my dreams this past week. The last few days I have been having dreams where I end up for one reason or another as the guardian of a child. The first one that I remember, Tom and I had been made the Guardians on Evie's baby, Iggy Blue, becasue Tom is the godfather. I'm not exactly sure what happened to Greg. Glad that wasn't part of the dream. The Next one I had was much more detailed. Toma nd I were walking in a park when We came across this little 4 year old girl who thought we were her uncles. We talked to her for a little while and she was just too cute. She said she really needed to go to the bathroom but her Mommy wouldn't let her. We went over to her mother and said she needed to take her daughter to the restroom. The mother barked back at us to mind our own business and that the little girl deserved to be in pain because she was a pain. We argued for a little while and then took the little girl the 10 yard over to a public restroom and asked a woman going in to help the little girl. She did. when she came out she told us we were horrible parrents and should be in jail. When we explained the situation the woman told us she was a doctor and the child was suffering from neglect, malnutrition and other possible abuses. The three of us contacted the police and Tom and I began the process to adopt the adorable little girl. Crazy Dream! Not sure exactly wha it means. i really don't want a change in my life that is so unreversable and such a huge change i'm not ready for the responsibility of a child. I miss going out for drinks several night a week. I have even vowed to go out for drinks more often. who know what lies in the depth of my watery mind.