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Five months of fighting for what?

With all that’s been going on in my life the one stressful thing I really haven’t wanted to deal with is insurance. I know not having a job should give me all the time in the world to fight with insurance companies but I despise calling a business when I am completely ignorant of their rules and expectations. When I was laid off I decided to sign up for Cobra; at $320 a month just in case something goes wrong with my health it made me sad. I was already out a lot of cash from the amount I was getting from unemployment. I paid the money and called cobra since they had listed the cost incorrectly for individual... They told me what to do and I followed their instructions to the letter. “You need to wait at least a month before it kicks in,” she said. So I went on with my life and forgot all about it. Then my mom died and my perception of time became warped. Some minutes lasted hours while overall time raced. I completely lost track of WHEN. If you asked me what month we were in I would probably guess wrong. Like I did in April when I called Cobra to find out why I hadn’t received anything from them.

The person on the phone had told me I lost my cobra because I had missed a payment. But they hadn’t sent me anything, nothing saying what to send them or anything about ever having coverage... nothing. So I asked what I was supposed to do. She basically told me I was out of luck. I complained, but I did it in a “I can’t believe this crap” sort of a way. Eventually she mentioned Obama’s second chance Cobra and that on March something-or-other I was sent a form that I should fill out and return. So I wanted to make sure I understood and started my sentence with “So I should wait until March blah-bla-blah and bla-blah blah.” The sweet representative stifled a laugh and said, “Honey it’s April, March was last month!” That’s when I realized I had receive the second chance letter and already returned it. She told me to call back in a week if I hadn’t received confirmation of my second chance. I got the letter a few days later and sent in the first few payments.

A month goes by and I call back again because I haven’t received anything. Cobra tells me I am good. As far as they are concerned I’m covered. So I ask why I haven’t received anything from them and she tells me I should receive something from my former insurance, I had no idea I would be using my former insurance. I had kept my card in case I needed (fake) proof of insurance. I know how hospitals can be if they don’t think you have insurance. Just get me into the doctor and I’ll deal with paying later. The Cobra representative told me she would send a trace to find out if the paperwork was sent to my insurance, but I should call them to ask if they had received it. So I did and I was told I was inactive and they didn’t show anything for me at all. A few phone calls later and I felt confident I should receive something in about another month... Yes, another month.

In July I got my insurance card and went to the allergy doctor for my shots. She reprimanded me for not coming and couldn't believe it had taken me 5 months to get my insurance back. Of course then at the start of this month I had a panic that I had lost my newly gotten Cobra and was back on the phone again. Luckily they had finally fixed the price and I have a few more months paid, they just didn’t tell me.

Just think, if we had nationalized health care I wouldn’t have had to deal with this on top of two deaths and a layoff. I really can’t believe all the lies and manipulation over something so good. It would lower the stress levels of millions of people, lower medical costs, and save lives. Save Lives! (Save the unborn... But then once they are born they can die a painful death if they don’t have health care, I don’t want to pay for it) But really we already are paying for people’s health care. I really hope we can reform healthcare in this country soon. I love Obama’s health care plan. It’s so much better than that Cash for Clunkers and people weren’t losing their heads in revolt. I guess that’s because it was straight forward and simple. If something takes more than ten minutes to understand then Fox news will manipulate and lie to cause panic (their favorite state).

If you are interested, here are some facts from the OFA National Health Care Forum with President Obama. If you have limited time, check out these particular segments, which I found especially informative and compelling:

23:00-dispelling the myths
25:00-Reform details
34:00-If we do nothing...?
46:00-more on dispelling the myths
49:50- media responsibility in propagating bad information
55:50- how will it be paid for?
1:06:40- health and wellness/prevention
1:11:45- young adults and health insurance
1:14:50-Politics and Change


Please don't shoot something down if you don't have the facts.


Aug. 26th, 2009 11:50 pm (UTC)
God Monkey, that sounds like hell. If you have time, you should listen to this Fresh Air interview with T.R. Reid, who went pretty much around the world checking out various health care programs. It will probably make you want to move, or at least fight hard for real reform in this country.