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River Rats and the enlightenment of beer

I am now a little excited but also freaked out about revisiting a past that I enjoyed but I worry I’ve lost my membership.I am going to Lake Havasu with my dad and brother for Fathers Day. When I was a kid we spent a least three weeks every year somewhere along the Colorado River, usually just above Parker Arizona and below Lave Havasu. We would camp right on the river and (much to Tom’s horror) sleep under the stars on banana loungers. We would wake to the sounds of jet boats pulling water skiers who were still sobering up from the heaving drinking they had done the night before. I’m pretty sure they’ve filmed a few of those “Girls gone wild” video around Havasu.

As a kid I loved the river; I loved the heat, the swimming and the excitement. I loved hiking up river to Foxes the floating bar so I could jump off an start swimming across the river and then back, the current just perfect to leave me climbing from the water at our campsite. I mastered the video game Tempest that was on the docks of Sundance. The adults would all go to Sundance for the wild parties, wet T-shirt contests and tequila sunrises. Kids weren’t allowed in the bar but there was an area for the kids to play free video games and swim. We would watch the daring men impress the girls by jumping off a rock that was three stories high into the river below. By the time I was ten, my friends and I were doing it as well, much to the dismay of the men trying to impress the ladies. It just doesn't have the same impact when a group of preteen boys and girls are doing it without the slightest hesitation.

There was also a rope swing that you could use to fling yourself into the river, the key was to run off the cliff and let the rope lift you out over the deep water, unfortunately Phinny jumped and lost his grip, proving that all those movies where someone falls and grabs a rope is near impossible. My favorite activity though was to take a boat up to Parker Dam and after having the boat hitched to a ten foot square island just outside of the danger area, we would jump off the rock and have the current quickly drag us down the river where we would grab a ski line and slowly fist over fist drag ourselves back up to the island where we would jump again. Because the river was so narrow and the water flowed out of the dam so quickly we would be pulled downstream and a running speed. The water was full of energy and would swirl making tons of tiny whirlpools wherever you looked, you could even smell the energy in the air.

As a kid I was safe at the river, despite all the dangerous activities we would do, I always felt safe. I knew that there were always tons of adults around that were keeping and eye on me and the other kids in our massive gang. At home I would be bullied by my brother when the parents weren’t looking but at the river there was always someone looking so he could never bully me. When Phinny fell from the rope swing there were at least three adults who got to him in seconds, seeming to only touch the ground once every ten feet.

Now as I’m about to return, I’m worried that some of the adults will beat the crap out of my faggoty ass. Drunk, horny and homophobic is how I think of the men at the river. They are like peacock, trying to get attention and they usually use brawn to get it. Maybe I’m wrong but I know I’m going to be very paranoid and attempting to butch it up. The one thing that is putting me at ease is my brother. He would probably love it if someone made the mistake of attacking me, so he could get into a fight or just intimidate the hell out of the guy. Who knows maybe I won’t be harassed... Or maybe I will and my brother can have his moment and then feel like we are even and he can stop apologizing for his behavior when he was younger. I just hope I don’t come back with some part of my body broken or blue. My dad and brother have gone consistently while I stopped going around the time I came out; they don’t seem worried for me. Whatever comes, I’m ready for it.


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Jun. 16th, 2009 08:40 pm (UTC)
Have a wonderful time and I hope it's just as you remembered.


Jun. 17th, 2009 08:26 pm (UTC)
I think you're a lot less obviously gay than you think you are.

When are you going?

I hope you have a great time, and get to spend some time with your Dad, and even with Mike, that you'll be able to look back on fondly. Big hugs, be brave, and enjoy.
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