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I got tagged on facebook so I did it... took me a few days... and I figured i'd post it here too.

1. I believe someone who is stressed out should be left alone with a roll of bubble wrap for 10 minutes.
2. I am not in touch with anyone I went to High School with, I am however still best friends with Phinny who I met in Kindergarten.
3. I was voted most changed at my 10 year high school reunion.
4. The first hand of Poker I ever played I got a royal flush, I have been unlucky at poker ever since.
5. I like to change my look frequently and style myself almost into a character. It fun to change how people perceive you when they first meet you.
6. I started at my current job as a one day temp gig, almost 10 years and 30 rounds of layoffs later, I’m still here.
7. I love onion dip.
8. I love remixes, remakes, covers and mashups. I like the mixture of familiar and new.
9. I consider myself to be a documentarian photographer.
10. I used to have a fear of eating fish, I was worried their tiny nearly invisible bones would get stuck in my throat and kill me.
11. My giant chocolate sectional couch is my favorite piece of furniture. Four grown ups could sleep comfortably on it . People have said it zaps their will to leave.
12. I think I would be very good at yoga, and want to try it, but have no desire to go to a class. Maybe I should get a DVD.
13. I dislike making reservations because I know as soon as I make one, something will cause me to miss/change it.
14. I’ve gotten over 200 allergy shots because I’m allergic to my cat John. The purring and snuggling make it all worth it.
15. My Car’s name is Licorice and I sometimes call him Lickey or Lickity.
16. I am a terrible procrastinator. I have been getting better and am currently listening to a book on “Getting things done”
17. I love audiobooks because my dyslexia makes me a very slow reader. When asked to read aloud if I don’t read the sentence at least twice first I may read something that isn’t written.
18. I hated reading “Lord of the Flies” because his over use of commas made me tired. Use a period. End your thought. Run-on sentences are very hard on dyslexics. I did however love the story.
19. I am also guilty of over using the comma.
20. Phinny and I met Sheryl Crow when she first released Leaving Las Vegas. Phinny asked held up Cameron and asked her, “Will you sign my little brother?” She refused. She has a really great laugh.
21. I would rather eat lunch early in the day and breakfast at night. Pancakes make me sleepy. Meal order should be Lunch-> Dinner->Breakfast.
22. I prefer to go to movies at night because coming out of a theater to bright sunlight really confuses my brain and body.
23. I owe thanks to a certain sexy straight guy who kissed me during a game of spin the bottle. He is the best kisser I’ve ever locked lips with and I made sure to take notes. I have gotten compliments on my kissing and I am really glad I pad attention to what he was doing. His wife is a very lucky woman.
24. I have never watched an episode of ER, 24, or House.
25. This morning I woke up with a song in my head, “The Captain of her Heart” by Double.

Also this made me so happy I tiered up.




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Feb. 4th, 2009 09:51 pm (UTC)
10 cracked me up and 14 is something very special.


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