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The Guru

Went to a prescreening of "the Guru" staring Jimmy Mystery (East is east), Heather Graham, and Marisa Tomei. It was really a great movie, i highly recomend it. basic plot:

Boy leaves India to go to America and join his cousin who is rich and successful. When he arrives he finds that his cousin has lied and that he lives in a flat above a shop with illegals etc. However he sets out to be a film star and auditions for a role that he gets. When he finds it's in a porno with Heather Graham he can't go through with it despite her good advice on how to do it. Later he is catering at a party featuring a wise old guru, who gets drunk and passes out. Ramu stands in and repeats the wisdom he learned about how to do porn, winning over the socialites and it all snowballs from there... go see the film!

Anyway after the film ended Jimmy and Heather were up at the front of the theater just a few seats away from me. They answered audience questions. It was really quite cool. the best part though was seeing just how increadably cute Jimmy is in real life, He was dressed all chilled with beanny hat and talked with his natuaral sexy british accent. Very hot! I've love Heather Graham since she was Roller-girl in "boogie nights." she's really quite tiny. Both seemed very intelegent and quick with funny little comments. they were quite playful and flirtatious with each other. Back off Heather, he's mine!