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Missed Connections at Mormon Camp

When I was in high school my closest friends live 20 miles away and went to different schools. we were a hodgepodge of different personalities. Matt the pot smoking Latin guttermouth who threw the word dude into every sentence at least five times. eugeneson the Korean funny guy who’s family constantly confused everyone. phinny, my best friend since kindergarten, Half Japanese and magnet for trouble. Eugene once said if someone wrote you as a character, nobody would believe you were real. Dan the Jewish Dungeonmaster with quick with his wit and a Depeche mode Obsession. Then there was Dave the quite possibly insane Mormon guy with the largest family I had ever seen. He had to share a room with his 8 year old sister. If you looked at Dave you would see a dork but he was popular and actually very cool- because he had no fear and was, as I said earlier, insane.

Dave invited me and the rest of our friends to go camping. Everyone thought it sounded like fun but one by one they all dropped out. It wasn’t until the trip was about to begin that I found out it wasn’t just camping it was Mormon camp. Dave assured me it was fine for me to go even though I wasn’t Mormon, “You won’t be the only one because we are supposed to invite our non-Mormon friends.” I just wanted to go camping so that was all the assurance I needed.

Mormon camp was actually really fun it was in the forest near a beach in central California and there was always a list of activities to complete. There were two camps one for boys and the other for girls, as Dave was the only guy I knew and I knew three Mormon girls I was a little disappointed that we weren’t allowed to mingle more. At first I was also disappointed that I wasn’t able to share my tent with Dave, I was asked to bunk with a tall skinny boy whose name I sadly can’t remember, I think it was Mike. He was a decent looking guy and was a bit socially awkward. He was clearly shy and really wanted to be friends, he tried very hard and failed often but I found it endearing. I thought it was strange someone wanted to be friends with me so badly.

When we setup our tent I should have know better, we installed it on a very slight incline. That night I woke up with Mike on top of me. He had rolled down the incline. I pushed him off, denying my inner voices. When I awoke up again he was snuggled up to me again, and again. Every time I awoke he was pressed against me. Gravity wanted us to touch.

As a seasoned camper I was very used to showering in the public bathrooms of camp grounds. I had prepared my waterproof kit with shampoo, soap, toothbrush and paste. Mike however didn’t seem to realize he was going to need to supply shampoo or soap so he asked if he could share mine. I had no problem with that at all. I even noted that since there was a troth for the shower water to run down I could slide the soap in it’s travel canister to the shower next-door for him, so we could shower at the same time in separate showers. I thought it was brilliant. So when he asked for the soap I slid it through and continued to shampoo and condition my hair. When I needed to use the soap I asked him to send it back. I knelt down by the troth to catch it from possibly passing into the next shower cubicle, and waited, and waited. I didn’t understand what was taking so long and started to look through the small opening, that’s when my shower door opened. And in walked Mike, naked and holding the soap. I froze terrified. He smiled and walked up to me, still kneeling, “Here you go, thanks” He stood there waiting for me to take the soap from his hands which I finally did. My heart was racing with terror as well as interest. I don’t know if I even said anything. After what seemed like minutes he turned and walked back to his shower and I finally stood back up.

I sometimes wonder if he is gay and what would have happened if we had another night to spend a tent that wanted us to be constantly touching.

 Jhelisa by All I Need from The Acid Jazz Test (Rating: 4)


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Jan. 27th, 2009 09:04 pm (UTC)
So often it seems that early experiences took place at camp. Sadly, I never went to camp.
Jan. 28th, 2009 03:54 am (UTC)
Do I have some stories I could tell you…

At least you were/are quite innocent.
Jan. 28th, 2009 07:54 pm (UTC)
Do tell. sounds like a good post for you to make in your LJ... or at least a juicy comment in mine!
Jan. 29th, 2009 01:48 am (UTC)
I was 13 (or much, much younger were I to start at the beginning of my sexualization) and on an 8 week canoe camp that took us through the northern woods of Maine. I had already started noticing boys and there were a couple that I fooled around with on that trip but the most memorable was this one guy who had an enormous penis and I was just fascinated. We played around quietly and might have continued to do so throughout the trip had I not let my lust get the better of me. The guy in question and I were playing 'doctor' in the tent I shared with another camper who was there at the time. I had no idea that he would shoot his mouth off to others if I sucked that large penis in front of him, but he did and when I was confronted about it by three older and bigger guys I denied everything. I had no idea what they had in mind were I to admit the truth but I didn't want to find out
Jan. 28th, 2009 03:24 pm (UTC)
Cute story.


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