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Quick break from work....

We are doing Self Appraisals at work. Not like they really matter, i won't be fired or get a raise, but I'm sure I'm going to be told after I finish mine that I need lots of improvement. I asked my boss if he had some ideas what goals I should make beside the four I had already written, His response tells me exactly how my review is going to go, "did you reach your last ones." Guess we know he's not so happy with my work. All this thought about what I do, what I've done and how I want to better myself at the beginning of the year keeps me thinking back to how I did a lot of this for my personal life at the end of the year. In the previous year I stove for peace within myself. Change yourself change the world. teach by example. I really get along well with Moby's views, but don't quite have his strength. The Dali Llama is another unobtainable hero. Problem is now I feel as though I have become a little to passive and quite boring. I feel I am the painting in the museum that everyone walks past and few people stop to see how beautiful it really is. Hell as far as i can tell no one even reads my Journal. I have sort of reverted to writing it for myself. I really wanted to keep up with my friends that are far away, so I could save time and tell everyone what was going on at once but no one seems to check it even irregularly. I think this year, i will work on making my personality more dynamic. I can do it. i want people to line up and say, i want to be his friend. the fun, and sincerity is wherever he is. wanna go see a rock show?