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Duck. Incoming bullets.

Bullets from my trip.
• Enjoyed seeing phinny, Wendi wdw, and Trevor in the play, "Holy Mother of Hadley, NY" I have some very attractive and talented friends.

• I really appreciated the attention and compliments Scott (the actor playing the priest in the play) gave me. No one has made me believe I was that attractive and new in a long time.

• Ate, Drank and was a merry Mary at http://www.lucques.com/ on melrose. Their hot chocolate was really melted chocolate. YUM!

• Had the most hilarious photo shoot with Dana. Mistletoe was involved.

• I heard a rumor someone in my extended family had a sex change operation. Whoa!

• I used Facebook to initiate a divorce, one that should have happened 17 years ago. Fingers crossed it actually takes place!

• I got a bowler hat... now I just need a damsel and some rope. Volunteers?

• That crazy storm delayed my flight back home. I began to worry when I saw people who had were on the flight 4 hours before mine were still wondering when they would be able to board.


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Dec. 24th, 2008 02:44 am (UTC)
How do I friend you on Facebook?
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