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Eharmony forced to provide gay matches.

I don't like eHarmony's business model but it's their right to have that model. It's a niche buisness... just like Gay.com, BMB, and even J-Date. It just happens that their niche is huge and doesn't cater to me... and I would rather use a service that wants me as a client than one that is forced to serve me. If I was vegetarian I wouldn't feel that steakhouses should have vegetarian options. If the steakhouse has them... good for them... but why would a vegetarian want to go to a steakhouse. Why would a gay want to use a dating site that probably thinks they shouldn't be allowed to get married; that the extent of their relationship is based on lust not love.

You don't take a Ducati motorcycle to be fixed by a Honda Accord mechanic.... that's all I'm saying.


Nov. 21st, 2008 01:43 am (UTC)
I don't like it because it destroys Chemistry.com's reason for being, although I'll bet there's a christian side to eHarmony's customers.