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Few more things i want to remember

Missing the train in Salzburg and having to take a train back to Bamburg from Nurmburg.

cuite beardy boy who danced like he was robert smith to every song.

Political conversations with Tobby and drunken spanish lessions.

Smoke burning my eyes in the beat bar.

Blimmie! screeamed in a true pure reaction to the fact that the train was moving so quickly up the mountain by Danny.

That special lost feeling being in a country where you really don't speak the language and would like someone new to talk to for advice.

waking up each morning and seeing the hairy arm of Danny next to his face and patrick snuggled up behind him.

Not sleeping 24 hours before my flight because I was, Uh-hum. talking with Charles the little solder boy from San Diego, who was fresh from Kuweit. Oh those little solder boys always trying to invade placed where they are not welcome.