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working for the weekends

This past weekend was fun. Tom was in Chicago visiting his Aunt so I invited a few people over for a slumber party. mrhavisham was the only person who didn't already have better plans so he and George and I had a fun evening drinking, eating and chatting late into the night. It was incredibly fun to just have a relaxed evening without TV or any event or plans. John Steed (the cat) realizes that mrhavisham is really a tall blond version of Tom and was content to sleep on him all night long.

On sunday Tom came home and we got a call from Olivier, friend of his from France. We took him to the Alemany Flea Market,Dore Alley Street fair and to see the Dark Knight. I think we wore the poor boy out. I really liked him, he was fun and nice and very interesting. halfway through the day I found out he was a shoe designer for Comme des Garçons, I nearly shit myself. I wore one of Jared's Comme des Garçons hoodies and I had never as sexy as I did at that day... before or since. I had always figured if someone worked for such a fashion industry mogul they would be a bit more like a character from Ugly Betty/Devil Wears Prada. Trust me, Olivier is no Ugly Betty with his stubble, dark hair, hazel eyes and bright smile.

It was a really great weekend, just what I needed to get me back into the swing of things.

Ms Guano update: Guano has returned. She says she is shocked she still has a job and when she walked out, wasn't planning on ever returning. She's gained about 20 pounds and looks much better. She is even acting better than before the breakdown. I still have nothing other than speculation as to where she really went or why. Every now and then her voice changes and it really disturbs me. She starts to talk quieter and at a higher pitch. Her voice trembles and she sounds like a little girl holding back tears. I remember my mom sounding like this when her meds conflicted and caused her to go insane.


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Jul. 31st, 2008 06:58 am (UTC)
It’s been a long time since I’ve shared a bed with two other men ;-) I had a great time!
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