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I think we're crazy. definitly.

I think I'm crazy. My funk is gone. I'll probably post about it in a few weeks (no promises), I like to have distance between me and drama before expose it to the outside world. I feel if you post about things that are happening people will give advice and sometimes it's better to work things out yourself. I hope that makes sense.

Guano update:
She didn't show up all week but left notes and is supposedly in the hospital but won't tell anyone why... she has her boyfriend leave voicemails at 5 in the morning with no details. The cynic in me thinks she's gone on a bender with her boyfriend because her boss is on vacation. It all just seems fishy.

What a great podast. If you like covers check it out. tonight is boys night and I think I'm going to try that new pomegranate vodka. Yum!



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Jun. 2nd, 2008 07:22 pm (UTC)
#1. Your first paragraph makes perfect sense. I often do the same thing.

#2. I LOVE Coverville! I used to listen all the time until I went through a really busy period of life and killed all my Podcast subscriptions. I'm re-adding it right now and grabbing the specific episode you mention. :)
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