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More Memorable shite!

Finding out I had just ate Pork Knuckle.

Horse drawn carriage though the scenic streets of Salzburg where The family Von Trapp (Sound of music) are from as well as the birthplace of Mozart (also saw the cold as hell bowl he was baptized in)

The beautiful panoramic vista of the Alps with rays of light shining in strips onto the village planes below. They seriously just jut straight up in the air from flat ground.

Dancing to songs I know but had never heard in German before.

Being one of the coolest and most sought after guys in the gay bar. Please not that I was not the most, that would have been Patrick, who had the bartender on an invisible leash. The owner was interested in me but kept his distance. The gay boys really didn't have great style. There was one man who was quite handsome but ruined all of it with his extreme girliness and circuit queen impersonation. There is no way to be circuit queen if there's no circuit right? the thing I liked most about him is that he looked so much like a coworker named Jim Gordon who I had a big crush on. We called the circuit queen "the lady" or "the Woman." I went into the bathroom, Patrick was in there made a few comment about an army boy named Charles and then as Patrick finished the woman came in, Patrick went out. I tried to follow but Patrick was holding the door closed. So I had a conversation with the woman. He then brought me back to his friends -By the way if you looked closely you could see they all had little tiny knives hidden behind there backs. His friend spoke English and introduced me to everyone and translated pick up lines, quite nice. The Woman had a boyfriend who I was not into at all who invited me to have a conversation with them that did not need a translator. Luckily Patrick did come back to save me. I guess he could tell that I was looking for a way out of the Vipers nest. I could have gotten out by myself, but it's easier to have someone literally grab your arm and say excuse me I need to talk to him.

Danny in his underwear... Nice!