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100 things...

100 things about meme behind the cut

1. My relationship with Tom is never what any LJer has expected. I try to keep my post about him to a minimum, as he is a little freaked out by it.
2. Tom and I met in straight biker bar when I was thinking I was already juggling too many men.
3. I told Tom I didn’t want a Long Term Relationship… almost eight years ago.
4. Tom hates it when things end. He mopes before a series finale. I like it when I’ve completed something. I like thinking that I saw every episode of Buffy.
5. My uncle was a sound engineer for Spinal Tap.
6. Everyone misspells my last name. It is not spelled like the Irish beer.
7. Everyone should see the movie, “Raise the Red Lantern”. Your enemy might not be the one you should be fighting. Maybe you will never even see the real bad guy.
8. I believe relationships are only as good as the work you put into them. If you expect them to be easy you should also expect them to be short.
9. Everyone in my family fixes/fixed things for a living, computers, cars, printers or people.
10. I am the tallest person in my family.
11. I am the hairiest one in my family. The other males in my family only have a sprinkling of body hair.
12. As I child I looked like my mom, but now look a lot like my dad.
13.I once got scolded by one of my photography teachers for the terrible care I had taken of my slides. He didn’t realize the slide I was scanning was a picture of my dad when he was 20.
14. My dad’s number one rule of the house was no riding motorcycles on the streets, dirt was fine but too many of his friends died on the streets
15. My parents wanted to wait to have kids, they were enjoying being married without children, but my brother came along. Once they had him they figured they might as well get the second one out of the way, so I was born.
16. My first sentence was, “Michael hit me.” (Michael is my brother)
17. When I was young I liked to play with the girls and was teased as being gay. I didn’t understand why. I figured I was going to marry a girl someday so I was just being grown up.
18. Since I’ve never had sex with a woman, am I a virgin?
19. The first porn I saw was called “Who slipped in the back door?” it was a straight mystery porn and the guys only wore condoms when they did the girl in the butt. I never saw the end so I don’t know who dunnit.
20. I do not have a profile on any “hook-up” site. I do have profiles on freindster and facebook. I just can’t be bothered with them.
21.I have two profiles on myspace… I can only remember the password for one… but I just can’t be bothered with them either.
22. In 2000 I went to New York and didn’t see the statue of Liberty, WTC or use the subway.
23. As I child I swam under the London Bridge… the one in Parker, Arizona.
24. When I was in seventh grade I flew from Florida back to Los Angeles by myself, I was really itchy. When I got home my mom told me I had chicken pox… and probably gave it to lots of people on the plane. She was just glad I didn’t show signs before I got on the plane.
25. My brother still blames me for giving him chicken pox and thus “failing a class he needed to graduate” like he wasn’t going to fail anyway.
26. My favorite childhood vacation was a two-week trip on a Lake Powell houseboat.
27. On the Powell trip I wondered into a caravan of Rattlesnakes. To this day I am still terrified of rattlesnakes. Other snakes don’t scare me. It’s the rattle that terrifies me.
28. I am not scared of heights, small spaces or flying.
29. I do have a fear of being electrocuted. Maybe I got the chair in a former life.
30. I don’t believe or disbelieve in former lives, reincarnation, Christ, or horoscopes.
31. I find it hard to believe that God would only create life on earth and think one species was more special than the rest. I also don’t think God would want us to kill in his/her name. If he/she wanted someone dead… lighting would be pretty easy.
32. I believe in Karma.
33. I believe the harder road has better views and fewer regrets.
34.I don’t believe in regret.
35. I feel a very strong connection to David on Six Feet Under. I feel like at my core our personalities are the same. I’m awkward, a little disconnected and too accommodating.
36. I enjoy being obsessed with things. I have healthy obsession when I just can’t get enough of something.
37. One of my earliest obsessions was with Antarctica. I couldn’t spell it, but I could name every base, penguin type, Glacier.
38. I became obsessed with Antarctica when I found out I had a long lost aunt who lived there.
39. I didn’t meet her until I was in ninth grade.
40. I was in RSP until eighth grade- and English class for kids with learning disabilities.
41. I was proud of myself for getting into below average English class with the ESL students, because I didn’t belong in RSP. I felt I finally had some control.
42. The next year I was in an accelerated English class with a lesbian teacher who hated me. I still passed.
43. While I did enjoyed reading “Lord of the Flies” by William Golding that year, I was frustrated by the authors, long sentences, and excessive comma usage.
44. When I was a kid I prayed I would never grow body or facial hair, like my dad.
45. Now I use way too many commas and string several ideas into one sentence, and am quite happy about being the hairiest person in the family.
46. I wouldn’t be a good celebrity because my dislike of my voice is that strong.
47. I wouldn’t be a good porn star or prostitute because I am cum shy.
48. I would be a good producer because I don’t think things should be good, you should work on them until they are great. If they aren’t great you shouldn’t present them.
49. I once wrote a great sequel to “Silence of the Lambs” for a creative writing class. The plot was a copycat killer eating Hannibal’s former patients and he wanted Clarice’s help to catch the real killer. The writing was crap but the plot was great and the characters were not changed to fit the new story line.
50. I hated “Hannibal.” Nothing annoys me more than having someone act out of character just to make a plotline work.
51. The first alcohol to make me puke was Ouzo.
52. I have only made that mistake a handful of times since then.
53. I am not drug person. I have a special hate for meth.
54. I wish my brother would forgive himself the way I have forgiven him. I dislike his constant apologies; they are unwelcome reminders of the past. He’s not the same person he used to be.
55. My brother and I have always been polar opposites. I marvel at his over seasoning and blatant disregard for his own health. Who works outside in Arizona without a hat or sunblock… my brother. He looks like leather.
56. The first concert I went to was Depeche Mode. The last concert I went to was The Dilatants.
57. My favorite song of all time is “Feeling Good”, Nina Simone (huff and herb Original Epic mix).
58. I like music with lots of deep bass sounds. I love music with such low tones you can barely hear them.
59. I want to produce a black metal band called San Francisco that only plays covers of disco songs.
60.I would love to be an Idea man. I have lots of ideas and I like to play things out in my mind. I love when someone asks me to help him or her figure out how to make something work better.
61. That said. American Idol, I would like to see a Diva Edition. America votes to see who’s top diva: Whitney, Celine, Madonna, Tina, Britney, whoever. The losing Diva’s have to release albums with past idol winners and the winner get to do an album with Kelly Clarkson. It’ll never happen.
62.Years ago I made Excel my bitch, and had it automate my work. I could finish what took my predecessor all week to do in two hours. I trained my replacement how to do it but he quit the next week.
63. I love Big Brother UK but can’t stand the American Version witch is like an indoor survivor. The UK knows how to pick interesting people to drive insane.
64. BBUK is the only reality show I would consider going on… my biggest fear would be having a them air footage of me having a wank… which they have done to someone every season I have watched.
65. The first CD I bought was Soft Cell “The Singles”
66. I have never broken a bone or spent the night in a hospital. Fractures are my limit.
67. My biggest fault is inaction. I’m far too good at inaction.
68. I hate going grocery shopping with anyone. Give me a list and let me do it or do it by your lonesome. I would rather get shots than go grocery shopping.
69. Tom likes to shop together and has no desire to split up to speed up the process. I hate grocery shopping with Tom… a lot. He reads the labels, every time, like they are going to change!
70. If I need butter I’m going to just grab the one with the elk on it. I know I like it. I’m sure it’s not that different from the one with Sacajawea on it.
71. I dislike throwing things away. I wish it were easier to recycle everything…everything!
72. I would be lost without spell check.
73. I like people. I constantly hear people say, ”I hate people!” I don’t feel that way.
74. I am very trusting of people face to face; I am very distrustful of people on the Internet or over the phone.
75. I’m sure you haven’t noticed… I’m terrible at responding… to email, comments… everything.
76. I’ve been playing World Of Warcraft for several years… yet all my characters are relatively low levels (36 is my highest) and I have never been on a raid. I not so sure I play well with others. It’s too much of a commitment. I like to stop to get snacks and go pee.
77. All my characters are Alliance. I tried playing Horde but killing famers and kids for pumpkins upset me.
78. I have doubts many people will make it to 78. This is not a test. I’m just think I’ve written too much detail
79. I have a Tagalog joke I tell Filipinos. It’s a horrible joke but they will always laugh and say they have never heard it before. The normal reaction is; “That’s terrible, I can’t wait to tell …”
80. I love taking quizzes, tests and surveys. I wish my geek magazines had those teen quizzes. “Find out what kind of online flirting habits will work best with your personality.” “Take our quiz to find your ideal social networking site”
81. So you would think I would be a meme whore… not so much.
82. I’ve never been laid off or fired… At least not one that stuck. I’ve been let go from my current company twice… they just changed their minds after realizing they needed someone who could fix Macs.
83. When I started it was a one day temp job but the IT department quit because of a merger… and I was asked if I could come back the next day. That was in May of 1999.
84. I wonder if I’ve become institutionalized to the company. I feel stuck but also safe here. It’s easy and the money isn’t bad, but I could probably get more elsewhere.
85. I liked being a temp worker. I enjoyed learning a new job and meeting new people.
86. I temped for Chronicle books, the Chronicle paper, and H&Q investment bank. I temped at the investment bank for 2 years. Investment bankers are insane.
87. I started my Livejournal in May of 2002 and I’ve only made 906 posts.
88. I’ve never added a guy as a friend based on his user picture.
89. I used to post more than I read; now I read more than I post. I have become a lurker.
90. “Slow” by Kylie makes me horny.
91. I don’t sing unless I’m alone. I might sing try “You know I’m no good” by Amy Winehouse- it’s deep enough without much pitch change that I might be able to do it without causing people to pierce their eardrums.
92. I want people to like me. Very few people liked me when I was in elementary and middle school.
93. If I had to choose between giving up alcohol or Coca Cola… Coke would be harder for me to give up.
94. I am currently scanning the negatives of photographs I took when I was younger. I’ll post some of the best and worst in the future.
95. I want to leave my LJ up forever. I’ve put far too much work into it to delete it.
96. During the time I’ve kept this journal I’ve only deleted one post. Which was also the spark for the only LJ drama I’ve been involved in.
97. I have lost count of the number of LJers that I have met. It has to be over 100. Mostly thanks to boysnight and the popularity of grubbybastard .
98. On a normal day to get to work I stop at 4 stops signs, make 4 right turns, change lanes 5 times, and go through one traffic light. The process takes about 10 minutes.
99. I have a fuzzy butt.
100. I think I should help bender772 with his number 100 because I can say almost the opposite.
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