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memorable items

Food. Lovely yummy food. Skip the sauerkraut, just go for meat cheese and ethnic food. Gyros and Donner Kebab are your friends at all hours. Pepperoni Pizza is not what you want if ordering pizza, Pepperoni is giant peppercinis.

New Years- Spent eating and drinking at the Ficherei where Arnd works, then at midnight champagne all around to mix with the beer already drank, then out to the river to watch from a bridge the fireworks fly over the river. a few near misses on some of them. I guess Danny and Jamie learned the word for WATCH OUT! then it was back to the ficherei for a little while longer before we headed to a club where Arnd was DJing Schlagger music. which brings us to another memorable item.

Matthias. On my last trip to Germany I made a very large mistake, Matthias! on my last trip I was quite drunk on caipirinha (Lime Trees as Rande calls them) and had some pent up energy as I was sharing a room with Patrick's mother and have never been able to finish myself off in the shower. I am a daily masturbator so after a week I was literally ready to explode. So lets recap, I am really horny and drunk on a Brazilian Rum drink. My vision has a nice soft focus. Enter Matthias. he is one of Patrick's friends, or so I believed. Lovely conversation, not that bad looking, I'm horny , he's into me, It's about time I had a one night stand, sure I'll go back with you to your place.

The next day- Oh my god-I slept with this guy?! What's in that rum? by the way when your drunk any conversations when your drunk do not mean you can stand taking to them when you are not. So that said. Matthias has a good heart, but he is not my type (when sober and rational), he is the most difficult person I have every met, and he is incredibly inconsiderate and self centered. Given a choice between my entire extended family but once again I must say he has a good heart and he does try. So here is where the shoes begin to fall.

As he is getting dressed he puts on a sweater that says Virgin on it, as in Virgin Atlantic & Virgin Records, and says to me, "Eric, I think that it is quite appropriate that I wear this Sweatshirt today. It is quite appropriate because as of today I am no longer a virgin." Imagine the stunned look on my face. Blink, blink. Thought in my head racing. First one being, Uh, why didn't you tell me! Second one being that hello you are over 40 years old!

I feel incredibly guilty, I never should have slept with him. He followed me around like a puppy dog and needed even more attention. Any thing I did to distance myself from him caused huge problems and scenes in public places. I'm not sure but I think he had it in his mind that I was now going to stay in Germany, be his boyfriend and make him happy. Sorry, not gonna happen. Any time I tried to graciously move toward we should be friends you would think I was saying, you were bad sex and I don't want to see you again. After several days of problems and scenes, everyone was completely pissed at Matthias. Patrick's mother was ready to kill him. By the time I had left Germany I had an entire four year bad relationship with Matthias all in about a week.

After I left I continued to have so much Drama in my life from Matthias through email and then, he asked if he could come out for a week or two. He came for three. He invited a friend that he informed me about shortly before his visit. Oh and that friend, he had never met him. It was an online date. he had been chatting with a man from Kansas or somewhere like that and invited him to stay in my house and meet! of course the guy met Matthias and could not get away fast enough. It goes to show how easy it is to be someone else online. The poor guy went through all the same stuff I had gone through, but with a little guidance from me and he was a better liar. Plus he was only in town for a a few days. I had set it up for Matthias to stay in the living room, not a big deal. my four roommates were very accommodating with house guest because we all had people come and visit and usually enjoyed our guests. Matthias said he was allergic to cats and that he "could simply not stay in such a room that the had cats." I told him we could lock them out of the room while he stayed. Not good enough. He slept on an air mattress in my room; for three week! Oh, and guess what, he's not allergic to cats he scared of them. I caught him kicking Pixie to get her away from him. That really causes me to burn even now. On tom and my anniversary I asked Matthias to sleep in the living room so we could have our privacy, he made such a stink, but I made a bigger one. Matthias had another fit because the vegetarian restaurant we had tried to go to had already closed, and he was hungry now. why did we try to take him to a place that was closed. By the way Matthias, is a German Vegetarian who does not drink or smoke. Wasn't Hitler a Vegetarian, oh wait he was Austrian. by the time Matthias left I didn't want to be friends with him any more. It was too much work, too much drama and I hated the fact that he made everyone around him upset. My poor roommates where absolutely saints. Matthias made every singe one of them late for work at least once. He liked to take his time in the bathroom in the morning while all the rest of us needed to get to work.... that being 5 people plus Tom if he stayed over in one bathroom.

So after Matthias left I really didn't email him, he didn't email me. Good. Then after a while he began emailing me saying he had gone to therapy, and had a new boyfriend and had moved in with him, yadda, yadda, yadda. After a few moths of palatable email from him with no drama he tells me that he is coming to san Francisco again with his boyfriend, can he stay at my place for a few days. My reply was, sorry not enough room for you both. and that was that. he came and stayed down on the peninsula and only came up one night for dinner. Nice boyfriend but Matthias really had not changed.
A couple of months ago Matthias emailed me again saying he would like to come and stay for a couple of weeks. I decided that I was no longer going to put up with him, make my friends endure him, give him any more of my energy. I never emailed him back. He sent more emails, no reply. He sent questioning, and accusing emails, no reply. He sent an email that stated, "no answer is an answer as well" I couldn't agree more. I think my point was made. I knew that if I emailed him anything at all it would just be the start of an argument that he would not let end until it ended the way he wanted it. I don't have that kind of time or willpower. So what does all of this stuff from a previous trip have to do with a memorable moment this trip.

Simple, Matthias decide it would be good to see me. He told Arnd that he would drive down 4 hours on new years to see us. Arnd has just recently started to talk to him after two years of blessed silence. Arnd warns him that Patrick is going be be here with is Ex-boyfriend as well. Matthias had it out with Patrick and his Ex, Stephan who told Matthias he needed to get fisted. How nice! This changed Matthias' mind . Until the day of New years eve. He called Arnd and told him he would be coming for dinner, Arnd would now have to go out and buy food to cook for Matthias as well. Matthias cannot eat chicken it is not vegetarian. Matthias day of new years we ran all over Bamberg and had a great time. when we got back to Arnd's house Matthias' car was in the driveway and fear was in my heart. I must be strong. No false, Oh, so good to see you. I came in gave him a nod, he gave everyone a hug, came over to me Gave me a hug, I gave him a pat pat. an went into another room to take off my coat and all the other stuff keeping me warm in the snowy weather. I felt a little bad that I was always on the other side of the room, but it was just easier. I knew that as soon as he had me next to him we would start a scene and this is new years eve. I'm not going to let this fuck up my new years in another cournty! Call me a cruel hearted bitch. After dinner we went to the Fischerei for more snacks and drinks. I was the first person to sit down at the table I sat at the head for some reason. After everyone was seated I noticed that Matthias was seated at the other end. There were 10 people at the table but I think Matthias looked mostly at me that evening. He was behaving himself quite well. I had decided that I would go talk to him and maybe we could come to an agreement that we agree to be friends of distance or something like that. Well, there was nowhere to sit at the other end and midnight was approaching so I decided to wait. Midnight comes, champagne glasses rose into the air and hugs were given all the way around. When Matthias gave me a hug he said in my ear, "It's so good to be seeing you this new years." I think my drunken response was, "Uh, huh." Quite eloquent I guess, because Matthias left instead of waking with the rest of us to the river without saying goodbye to anyone. He latter sent a Text Message to Arnd saying he had left, after we had all figured it out. I san in his seat when we got back to the Fischerei so I could talk to him but he never came back. That's when I figured it out. So as horrible as it was to treat him that way, it was for the best, for me and my friends especially. hopefully Matthias learned something as well. You can't walk all over someone and expect them to love you. more importantly you can't crap all over someone then say I've changed and expect them to open their arms to you. Sometimes they are just going to flush.