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This week:
• A coworker joked that Mac and PC from the Apple ads were based on Paul and I. I had never noticed all the similarities before.
• Someone left a hotel key for the Millennium Resort in Scottsdale Arizona on my desk. It's a ways to go for a booty call, but I might make and exception if it was left by bender772 and richie73.
• I found out we have to rip the back of the house all up. The windows were installed incorrectly (without flashing) and allow water into the walls. We found out about this because of the mysterious skylight that destroyed the siding when it flew into our back yard. Favorite quote asked in seriousness, "Do you think it came from a space ship?" I think someone needs to go back to school.
• I'm almost finished with Season 2 of Six Feet Under, I see a very scary similarity between Keith & David and Tom & I. I swear we had one their arguments almost word for word a few weeks ago.
• I loved watching Kirsten's relationship with Nicholas Brendon bloom this week on Criminal Minds. I still get flustered that one of my friends is on TV with someone from Buffy! I'll have to see if Kirsten can introduce me to Nicholas... I hope he's as wonderful in person as Tom Lenk.
• I got my ticket queue down to three tickets. I don't think that has ever happened.
• I was asked to play an IT guy for but thankfully they decided to go with someone less San Francisco. I am not, nor do I want to be an actor.
• I'm interested to see the protests durring the San Francisco Olympic Torch Run on Monday. I can only imagine what would have happened if they had it run through Chinatown. That would have been a disaster of joyousness.

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