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Nothing should be measured in Decades.

Last week I got a phone call from our former “marchFIRST” receptionist Jae. He was sacked one day back in 2000 after he had a interesting interaction with Steve Jobs and discovered our accounts payable department wasn’t even bothering to issue checks they knew would bounce. We all agree pissing off Steve wasn’t the reason he was shoved out the door. Jae couldn’t believe I still worked here. “Do you realize you’ve been there almost a decade... I don’t even like using the word decade... It makes me feel old.” Um... Yeah.

The one good thing about being with a company for such a long time is vacation. I get 5 whole weeks every year. Last year I was only able to take 2 weeks because it was that busy and horrible. I was on the verge of losing my time off so I have been using a lot up the past two months. Three weeks after I returned from Mexico I boarded a Virgin Atlantic plane headed for Heathrow. There was some sort of malfunction with there TV system and when you selected a movie it was a gamble what you got. I started to search through movies I wanted to see only to find something I wasn’t interested in popping up. By far the most interesting one was when Bee Movie was selected from the Kids section... I starts zoomed in on a totally nude raunchy sex scene with Phillip Seymour Hoffman.

Tom and I have quite a few friends in London but we like to stay in hotels so we aren’t on our hosts couches or schedules. Our favorite hotels were all unavailable this time. Hyde Park West is being turned into condos... But even after two years it looks like no work has been done. So we decided to try out some new hotels. I found two hotels near Bayswater that looked like they were value for money. The locations was definitely really great, so I booked them for our two segments in London. When we arrived at the first hotel I notices the run down hostile across the street and was worried. When we walked though the main door of our hotel I sighed in relief that it was actually ok. However when I walked into our closet... I mean room, I was not pleased. It was small the double bed was actually a full twin. We did not sleep well as the twin also had that wonderful sag that pulls anything on the bed to the center. Lovely. In the future I may put huge amounts of blame on this room.

The lift in the Hotel was so small that when Derek came to visit his wheelchair wouldn’t fit in the elevator, and he has a really small chair. It was so wonderful to see Derek. There really isn’t a substitute for the sound of the voice in person or the warmth of a hug. I think Derek was the only thing that kept Tom and I from suffering from rats in a small cage syndrome. Derek only had a little over 24 hours to spend with us but we managed visit the Mike’s Café, the millennium bridge, Tate Modern, and Shop Oxford street as well as a few other fun places. After dropping Derek off at Liverpool Station we didn’t have much time before we left for Paris.

I really think my posts are better when they are small and have a point... So I’m going to end this now... But my next post will hopefully be interesting. Paris Fashion Doll Festival... Think “Best in show” but with Dolls instead of Dogs... Seriously.
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