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When I arrived at work today I enjoyed the relaxed feeling of knowing there would only be one person starting work here on Monday and I his machine was already setup. New users are a lot of work to ensure everything is just right and so while mondays are already the busiest day of the week... I know none of you has ever broken their laptop over the weekend... it is also the day new employees start 99.9 percent of the time. Lately we have been so busy that we have been having 5 or more people starting each monday, so it was nice to know I was finally all caught up and in fact ahead.

This all changed today at 3pm. I started getting emails for new contractors starting on monday at 9am. I laughed to myself, we ask for 48 hours notice but realize the need for contractors can't always be known about two days in advance but I was getting effectively 2 hours notice. FDG is taking monday off so he was quick to call me and complain about the lack of notice and goad me into making them all wait. I told him not to worry I had it under control, I could handle 3 new mac users. I had been working hard to have machines at the ready should this happen. By 4pm I knew about 6 new users starting on monday. Now at 5 the number of new employees starting on monday is 9. I am ready and set for some but not all. some of these people are just going to have to wait until I can throw something together for them. This isn't McDonnald's computer hut. Monday is going to be fun.
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