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Nine Speaken Zee Doiyche- next few days!

The next few days Were really quite a bit of fun. We spent the day in Nuremberg, wandering through the quaint streets and monsterous churches and through the castle, then back down into the red light district where you can see naked women in the windows with red light on waiting for someone to see what they like and come on in for a quick ride. Most of the women are really quite frightening and surprise you. the last one we saw was a very large 50ish woman.

Over the next few days we started a few jokes that would keep on runing the course of the whole trip. number one being "it's not too camp is it?" when clearly it was, I'm truely amazed at how far germans take some things. There churches go way to far. Clearly most of them were run by some martha steward desiger holyman.

One of my favorite jokes thogh has to be about the novelty toilets found in Bavaria. They have water saving toilets that are increadably interesteing and disturbing. Where our toilets allow for you to release your poo into water to save the smell from rising and skid marks from happening, German toilets have a "preview pane" for your poo to sit on for your review of what you had eaten before you flush. and it is swept away into the water and down to the sewars. toilet cleaning brushes are used everyday to clear off the Klingons.

By the way if you ever wondered who designed something, discovered something or had the time to do some amazing thing, it was probably Stephan, Patricks old boyfreind from Berlin. We never met up with him but due to all of Danny's joking about him I really feel as if I MUST meet him. I would have to say at least 300 jokes were made at his expense, and not just by Danny, the rest of us got into this joke fairly quickly.