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What's that in the wind? Why, it's excitement and trash!

in case you haven't read it in other journals California is experiencing weather and the natives are confused. It's really nasty out there and I'm enjoying the change. I'm enjoying the excitement of the unexpected. Parts of Market street is closed due to scaffolding dangers, half the area around my work is without power. Getting lunch today was an adventure. getting to work today was fun- and i don"t mean that sarcastically.

I was shocked when I left my house this morning that the streets weren't' flooded. The Noise and Sirens this morning had me imagining complete chaos. The puddles were small and the wind was schizophrenic and agitated. before I got off my block I was passed by a firetruck, it was probably the 32 siren I had heard that morning. by the time I had gone two blocks I noticed an extreme change in the neighborhood- it was trashed, literally! It was trash day for this block and the giant bins full of garbage were no match for the powerful wind. The cube-like cans were rolling in the street and spilling their contents. Bags were busting open and releasing their contents to the almighty wind gods... but water gods were doing their best to keep the offerings from the sky. It's fun to watch the gods battle.
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