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Happy NYE!

While I’m not a superstitious person I hold the belief that how you spend the first few minutes of the new year will foreshadow the events of the next year. For New Years in 1997 I was swept away from my friends from within the crowd gathered in Union Square. It was a horrible evening and not a place I will ever go for new years again. The square was just as crowded as Times Square but without any focus. No ball to drop, nothing to lead you to synch up with others for the time of midnight, just confusion and drunk teenage boys trying to impress girls by climbing poles. As the crowd moved you got pushed like the tide and every now and then you would get pulled away from your group. Right about at midnight the crowd separated me from my friends Mike, Jannie and Phinny. As I was separated some jerk pulled from my head the cool Japanese mask I had bought earlier in the day. I couldn’t turn around because of the crowd. When I finally was able to look behind me the mask was nowhere to be found. While I really enjoyed the last day of 1996 I wasn’t enjoying 1997. By the end of 1997 I would be separated from my friends by hundreds of miles and be constricted and controlled. I would have my confidence taken away from me and I wouldn’t get it back for years. I still don’t have the confidence I used to have.

Last year I spent New Years at a Party thrown by pixelstud. It was a fun party as always and I ran into old friends who I hadn’t seen in years and never would have expected to see at the party. I ran into Erica, who I used to see weekly. She was best friends with my roommate Kim and the center of a very large Orange County originating group of friends. I was saddened to hear that the group has split like Lego toy dropped from a skyscraper. Erica no longer speaks to Kim or most of the rest of the group. She is divorced now- I adored her husband, he may not have looked like a movie star but his heart was so beautiful it shown through his eyes. As midnight arrived Tom was shivering and we were both tired from the evening and ready to go home. And this years theme was hearing sad news from friends and having an extreme desire to stay home. Now that’s not to say that I didn’t leave home and all my news was sad, no way. This was a great year, More and more of my friends are making it to the places they want to be. Health has improved for many of those who mean the world to me. Tom and I have really had a great year with very little drama between us, we have gotten to the point where we walk as one.

This New Years I want to make the theme new adventures, old friends, new places, and old countries. I want to learn new things. I want to improve my skills. I want to own energy saving appliances. I want to achieve my dream for a new coworker. It would be great if I could get my act together and get back in the swing of journaling and taking photos.

So, here’s to a happy, adventurous New Years with great friends! Have a great night everyone!
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