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Do these jeans make me look big?

I’m X-hausted, so I’m going to give myself a little break and write a little update.

My poor little Tom broke his foot goofing off with a coworker in a parking lot. Tom really should know better than to mess with a 400 plus pound Mexican in an alley, even if he likes you something is bound to go wrong. When they were putting on the cast in the emergency room I realized I now am living with nothing but zombie fodder. I live with an ancient kitty and two men on crutches. With both Derek and Tom having to depend on their “Fairy Wands”™ to get around, when the Zombies come They won’t be able to get away from the brain biters. et_blackbird will have a lot better chance as he is faster than Tom. It’s great to see Tom getting some Sh#t from Derek about having to use gimp sticks... Which he can barely use. One of Tom’s favorite pastimes is teasing Derek about his difficulty walking... He loves to tease and he teases with love. Now he’s on the receiving end of loving teases. Take it, you know you like it!

On Friday morning I was riding in the elevator with our facilities manager when she said: “ Oh you haven’t meet Sergio, our temp receptionist. I adore him already. He reminds me of Big Gay Al, from South Park.” I started to sing, “uh-oh Sergi-oh!” the elevator doors opened and as I walked into the lobby I couldn’t help but let out an excited, “Sergio!” It was my old friend Sergio who I have only seen a handful of times since Oscar died. He was Oscar’s best friend and has been fighting quite a few demons since losing him. I glad to report he has been doing well for 6 months straight. I use the term straight since it’s the only sentence that can be used at the moment to describe Sergio using the word straight. Big Gay Al was a toned down version of Sergio.

In other news, my teeth are becoming bionic. They already look better and now have the ability to reanimate the dead. Too bad dead things taste so bad. Ok maybe some of that last bit isn’t true... Who doesn’t love that new improved decaying taste?
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