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The dogs bath.

Ask any dog when his happiest moments occur and they will tell you it’s immediately after they have had a bath. They are not happy because they are clean and enjoy their new spring fresh scent, they are happy because the bath is over. They are happy because they know it will be a long time before they have to have another bath. Today I feel like the dog being led outside on a cold fall day the cold wind blowing my fur in all directions. I see the bucket that will hold the soapy water that I know it won’t be as warm as I would like it to be. I just got a bath yesterday and the day before, it was cold and miserable. I wonder if my memory is making the experience worse or better. My heart feels like it will never end, it’s given up- defeated. I hate the spring fresh scent, maybe I’ll roll in poo after it’s all over.
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