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Well I just got back from my trip to Germany, had quite a nice time. No time for internet stuff so time for updates. I want to remember everything so I'm going to try to remember as much as I can now while the memory is still fresh. Much fun was had, much beer was drank, much food eaten and at least a thousand pictures taken. Not much stuff was bought though. So it begins, As with all good trips there was a little drama as it began. Tom and I left quite a bit early. It's the day after Christmas and there was so much traffic that we couldn't get on the freeway. We would wait 20 cars back at at light and after the light had changed a couple of times we were still 18 cars back. We tried a couple to different onramps and it was the same for all the ones near downtown so we went back to the onramps at Division/13th Street. As we were about to get on the freeway, the Minivan in front of us was slowing down, Tom was starting to go around him into the other lane when out of the corner of my eye I saw a van, and yelled a look out. Tom just saw him as the Airporter nailed the side of the Bug, ripping the step off of the Airporter. Not too much damage was done to the bug, mostly cosmetic. The Airporter Van had been speeding quite fast and had jumped into the second lane from the third lane. All in all the accident was a little of everyone's fault. The guy driving the Airporter was quite stupid. He left the step to get into his van in the middle of the road and drove a block down so We could exchange information, Tom had to pick up and move the step to the side of the road. after the huge amount of time it took for the slow driver to write down his info, we were back on our way and arrived at the airport without any further difficulties.

I got all checked in, through Security, and grabbed some food before I headed for the gate. Jamie, a friend of Patrick's was flying on the same plane for both flights. I had never met her but had exchanged a few emails with her. Patrick had sent me a picture of her so I knew she was a bigger girl with brown hair. It had been some time since I had seen the picture so when I went to the gate I was a bit worried about if I would recognize her. Luckily she was the only one who even resemble the picture and I was able to just walk up and say Hi with confidence.

Jamie and I were set to sit near each other but the woman sitting next to Jamie offered to switch with me since I also had an aisle seat. 11 hours latter I had not fallen asleep, I had sat through "Santa Who", "the Borne Identity", and several other bad TV things. I mostly listened to my iPod... it's all a blur now. After we arrive in Amsterdam, I was quite tired, I really wish we had a longer layover in Hamster Spam. while waiting for our next plane to Nuremberg I discovered how cool Jamie is. She had no problem making a fool of herself and taking pictures of me with my monkey finger puppet on an escalator in front of a quite a few staring people. I'm quite happy with the way that one turned out.

We were then off to Nuremberg where we got our luggage and met Patrick and his adorable boyfriend Danny. Danny is the perfect boyfriend for Patrick. Danny is calm, funny, and most importantly a really big guy. Patrick like boys who make him not feel so big. Danny does this without being overweight at all. Patrick has also slimmed down with exception to his HUGE arms. I swear the muscles on his arms are half my waist! OK so now off to the lovely town of Bamberg where we would be staying with my friend Arnd in his new much larger apartment. I really don't remember that much of that night, just that we did have dinner, I think we did a walking tour of Bamberg. We stayed up even though we were so tired. I think we made it until 10PM before we crashed. Patrick and Danny came back around 1AM and Arnd and Patrick's mother Rande came back around 4AM!