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T-Todd (pronounced Tee Todd) is an interesting man. He constantly shows up within the groups I frequent yet I try to avoid him. He is an intelligent, nice guy with amazing verbal skills, He has a lot going for him and I would really like him if he didn’t have a strange obsession that makes me uncomfortable. At Pink Sabbath, Lego Jayson’s annual birthday/pride bash out friend Ryan tried to have a talk with T-Todd about how his obsession affects different people. Ryan had obviously thought a lot about this and had several points backed with examples. As Ryan explained that some people don’t appreciate him sticking his finger in their belly button randomly and without warning or consent T-Todd swayed to the music and took sips of his cocktail.

When I first meet T-Todd he said about two sentences to me before jamming his finger into my belly button. By the end of that evening he was attempting to pull my shirt up to get better navel action. I don’t know about other people but when someone jabs me in the navel, it feels like a pin is being pushed by the finger into my belly. I have asked him several times to leave my belly button alone but, even if he agrees, it’s gone from his memory shortly thereafter. So I love that Ryan was having a talk with him... And very interested in the outcome.

Ryan wore a smile on his face as he finished with his well thought out conclusion. T-Todd focused his eyes and said nothing. It wasn’t very apparent if he was really present in the conversation. He swayed back and forth a bit more and Ryan’s smile faded. Then as if he had just woken up, T-Todd smiled and poked Ryan in the navel. Complete defeat marched across Ryan’s face and T-Todd bobbed his head as if confused.

The Look Of Love (Madison Park Vs. Lenny B Remix) - Nina Simone - Remixed And Reimagined


Jun. 28th, 2007 09:29 pm (UTC)
Why has no-one smacked him upside the head yet? Seriously, you're all being too nice to him, and he's enjoying every minute of it. Next time he does it, punch him in the gut, stamp on his foot, spit in his beer or do something like that.

(I absolve myself of all fiscal and legal responsibility for anything incurred by anyone following my advice, given under the influence of antibiotics)

Seriously though, don't try to explain things. Be a bit more nasty to the guy or he'll just keep doing it!