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The drive by.

My high school was a closed campus, in order to get in or out you had to get past security at one of the three entrances or have the ability to climb a two story high fence. My friends who went to different schools could leave campus at lunch to get fast food or go have fun nearby, most the kids at my school had no way to even get to the local burger joint within smelling distance. In order to get out during school hours you needed a special note/pass/Holy Grail. I was constantly hearing about the drive by shootings that were going on just outside the walls. Every now and then you would see the bullet holes in the building. Although lots of kids would talk about how they heard or saw the shooting I never did. Also amazing enough no one in school was ever hurt. I don’t doubt they happened but I was never scared or concerned with them, probably because no one was ever hurt. It never seemed that real. I know lots of kids who attended my school were killed in drive bys every year, the death page in our yearbook normally had at least seven names listed.

Now so many years later there was a drive by shooting just a block away from my work and it has me a little freaked out. I don’t feel disconnected any more. Of course most of it was caused by the way I found out about the drive by. Our security guard is this fabulous little old lady. She’s Rob Schnider's aunt and she’ll tell you how he doesn’t even get her tickets to see his movies or free DVDs whenever she gets a chance. I was returning from grabbing a sandwich and bopping along with my ipod when she says, “Can you believe all these murders?” I hadn’t heard any news, so she filled me in on all the gory details. Of course they were also mixed up details that had me believing that there were multiple victims and it was spread over hours and that people were in fact dead. But in reality there was a drug overdose in the ally and one victim targeted who’s recovery was promising. There wasn’t a gun toting maniac waiting to gun down other people on the block.

Poor Adam V was just 40 feet from the shooting when it happened. He had to ask me to reset his password because he kept messing it up and locked himself out. I sure I would have locked myself too if I had seen bullets fly from a car!

Now when I first started working in this building they gave everyone whistles to wear around their necks and there were two security guards so one could walk you to your car if you felt it necessary. I thought it was incredibly silly, but also realize I am not a woman and grew up experiencing tougher neighborhoods than a lot of my dot.com coworkers. About once a year something will happen in this neighborhood that is truly frightening. We’ve had a drugging/kidnapping (she was found two day later in Berkley and OK considering what she went through). Then there was the drug deal gone bad in the expensive lofts on the corner that ended with four people dead in the apartment. There are constant homeless people and parking swindlers his neighborhood but they are not the kind that break into cars or cause problems. Despite the events that sometimes happen, the neighborhood is pretty safe and dirty and smelly.


Man shot in S.F.'s SoMa; suspect in custody
Marisa Lagos, Chronicle Staff Writer
Monday, June 4, 2007
(06-04) 14:24 PDT SAN FRANCISCO -- A man is in custody after he allegedly shot and injured another man in the South of Market neighborhood today, then led police on a short chase, police said.

Shortly before noon, a man in a silver sedan pulled up to the corner of Townsend Street and Lusk Alley, where another man was standing in the crosswalk, said police Sgt. Steve Mannina. As the pedestrian approached the car, Mannina said, the driver opened fire, hitting him.

Witnesses called police and gave a description of the vehicle and shooter, Mannina said. A short time later, police patrolling the area near the Embarcadero spotted the car, he said.

"They were involved in a pursuit, and the man stopped at Mission and Montgomery (streets) and took off on foot," Mannina said. "He was taken into custody at Jessie and Annie (streets)."

The victim is being treated for his injuries but is expected to survive, Mannina said. The suspect's name will be released once he is booked into custody, he added.


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Jun. 5th, 2007 04:10 am (UTC)
Scary shit. Growing up in rural Utah kept me pretty damn naive. There's plenty of places where I'm scared to be now though. =(
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