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The Power of Light.

It’s funny how some things you’ve read or watched on TV sort of stay with you forever. Some silly thing that will pop into your head several times a year even though you haven’t had any contact with it in over ten years. There was an episode of Northern Exposure during the Doctor’s first year where the Doctor doesn’t sleep for over week. It’s his first summer in Alaska and he isn’t familiar with the sun being up 24-7. Everyone tells him needs to force himself to sleep, that the sun is sending false information to his head, and his body needs to sleep. The doctor continues getting everything done like a speed freak until he finally crashes, then he sleeps for an entire week and is back to being behind.

This story pops into my head many times a year... And yet I can barely remember any other episodes. I think of this story whenever I travel and worry about jet lag. I try to wake up as early as possible and get into the sun early (no sunglasses on the first day), It seems to work for me. But the story also comes into my head when I think about two winds I get in a day.

The first wind is slow gradual wind. You may not even notice it picking up it’s pace. My first wind comes about an hour after I have awoken. It starts to die down in the afternoon. But about an hour after the sun goes down the jolt from the second wind hits. A sudden burst of energy, as if to say, “the sun is down it’s time to party.” It doesn’t matter if I claimed I was so worn out that I was going directly to bed, just a few hours earlier. Tom is constantly asking where I an sucking this energy from. Sometimes I answer his rhetorical question in dirty ways. Do you think when giant all night parties in Alaska when all night is only two hours? What about when it’s 24 hours of night. I don’t know if I could handle either of those situations very well.

It confused the hell out of me when I was in Ireland. Even though I was there for a month I couldn’t get used to the fact that it was only dark for six hours. I just couldn’t go to sleep while it was light out and was grumpy that on many occasions, the sun was coming up when I was just getting to bed. Thank god for my sleeping bag’s draw stings, I’m surprised I didn’t suffocate.

So what made me think of the story this time? I was so sick with this evil illness that I was sleeping at least 16 hours each day. I was so wiped out I couldn’t do anything but watch TV. Even that got frustrating because I would fall asleep in the middle of whatever I was watching. You know I had to be really sick if I didn’t play video games for six days! Poor Tom must have thought I was going to die.

Ta Douleur - Camille - Chillout Sessions 9 [Disc 1]