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As children most of us wonder why there is evil in the world. The answer is simple, without evil things would be out of balance. Things would be boring. There would be no 13 flavors, there would only be vanilla. And just because there is evil doesn’t really mean it’s bad. Evil is completely a human concept. My Dad is evil. He is a great father, but he is evil.

I still remember when I first saw the diametric poles of good and evil together for the first time. It was back in high school during my sophomore year. I would get a ride each morning from my friend Jen, we went to Jr. High together and reconnected my second year. We lived at least 7 miles from school and if we took the bus the trip took an hour. Each morning we would stop at McDonald's before picking up our friend Beth on the other side of the city. There was no way we could make it to school without our morning cup of Coke... Diet Coke for the girls.

There were two people who manned the the drive-thru during those early mornings, Mrs. Happy and Mr. Morning. We prayed each day to get Mr. Morning. He was a zombie like man with low growl of a voice. He mumbled things quietly, sometimes I doubt it was English, but being trained in the art of the drive through speak we always knew what he meant to say. “no thanks, just the cokes please.” when we would get to the window he would shuffle around like a sleepwalker his eyes glazed over. I often wondered if he was just like this in the morning, or if the fact that he was over 40 and working at a fast food restaurant did this to him. He would grunt as he handed over the drinks and we would drive away thinking how lucky we were.

Of course we weren’t thinking we were lucky not to be him, we were thinking we were lucky Mrs. Happy was working the window. On the mornings we got her things went very differently. We were the Zombies. Her perky voice would greet us with amplified squeeks ala Marilyn Monroe through the squawk box. At that point in the morning her voice was piercing. Add the happiness her extreme energized state and excessive questions in the mix with our lack of morning caffeine and barely out of bed mindset and I give you the battle between good and evil. “Sqweek sqweek sqweek?”, she would ask. One of us would reply, “Huh? Wha, Oh no We don’t want to try the new McBagel.” “squeek sqick squeee?” she would respond. “uhhhh no. we just want or cokes.” would be our next response. “Squeee sqwueee skeeeeeeeeee?” she was pure evil with all these questions so early in the morning. The sun was barely touching the sky, how could someone eat anything at this time? Give us the cokes we ordered stop trying to up-sell. Instead of complaining which our minds wouldn't allow, we would say, “no fries just the cokes.” then she would continue to skweee and squick away, wishing us the happiest of days, looking forward to seeing us again same time tomorrow, work hard in school, and whatever other positive things she could shoot out of machine gun of happiness she called a mouth. It was just too much when our ears were still used to the silence of sleep and our heads haven’t fully left the dream state. It was too jarring, too painful and way too early.

I had many interactions with God and the Devil in that drive-thru, although I wasn’t smart enough at the time to see that God mumbles and the Devil will always ask me if I want fries with that. The world wouldn’t exist with out both good an evil. Because even though morning people are pure evil, without them most of us would be late for work, school and whatever else happens in the ungodly morning hours.


Apr. 18th, 2007 04:13 pm (UTC)
Thank you!