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Testies tosser stones.

Dearest Racer ID10t ,

I wanted to tell you, I was not trying to race your two seater sports car in my little environmentally friendly five seater Chevy Aveo. I was just paying more attention and probably more sober than you. I also probably am happier with my penis than you. I would like to confess that I did laugh at you when you blasted past me on the onramp to the freeway and lost control and nearly hit both walls. It's not smart to speed around corners that increase their angle. I hit my brakes because I didn't have faith that you would be able to pull out of your spin. I'm glad you surprised me. I grew up in LA, we drive fast and we tailgate a bit, but we have psychic abilities when it comes to other drivers and brake accordingly. I was sure you were going to crash and block the whole onramp. I hope the rest of your drive across the bridge or tunnel was a safe one. I hope the scare sobered you up a bit. Although I really wanted to catch up to you and give you the "ROCK ON!" hand salute. Sadly you took off leaving me in your exhaust. I do wonder though were you in the Castro the last halloween because I pretty sure it was you or one of your friends who made sure the evening ended in several bangs.

Homosexual hugs and kisses,

Relax (Take It Easy) - Mika - Life In Cartoon Motion