Monkey! Monkey! Monkey! (monkeyx3) wrote,
Monkey! Monkey! Monkey!

cold windshield warm heart?

I awoke this morning in the mountains of Colorado or at least that’s what it felt like this morning. Californians are not a hearty breed, San Franciscans are even less. We adjust to our small sliver of weather and whenever the temperature or barometer strays from it’s normal location all hell breaks loose. On those rare days in San Francisco when the temperature rises above 85 degrees there will be naked people in one of the streets somewhere. This morning my car was covered in ice, somehow I doubt I will see any naked people in the streets today. Now I don’t have an icescrapper in my car, I also didn’t have access to a hose, so I had to let the car heat up and turn on the defroster and use the windshield wipers... I was surprised the fluid wasn’t frozen too. The healing powers of Windex. I'm also pretty sure that cold climate people are cringing at the idea of using your windshield wipers as a de-icer.

Eurostar - Jacques Lu Cont - Relax With Mekon
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