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WHO's your baby mama?

Derek sent Tom an email letting him know he should download the new Dr. Who spin-off, The Sarah Jane Adventures he had watched while in Ireland. We finally we watched the first episode last night. Before the first minute was up Tom was having a conniption fit, I wasn’t sure if something was very wrong or very good. He just kept saying “Oh my God” over and over. And then finally something else came out. “That’s Juliet!” her face looks familiar to me but I don’t really remember her. I’m not sure if Tom has even seen Juliet since Evie’s funeral. He was so excited to see her on a Dr. Who show, but it seems her character playing the mother of Maria probably isn’t going to be in very much as she is in the process of divorcing her husband and doesn’t live with her daughter and soon to be Ex. I enjoyed the show much more than I have any episode of Torchwood (another Who spin-off) probably because the child-centric show allows itself to be silly in the same way Dr. Who always has been. Hopefully the show will do well although it needs to have more original plotlines but, I enjoyed the Futurama -Secret of Slurm meets Shawn of the Dead mixture.

Today at lunch I sat at a table next to Adam from Mythbusters, but I lacked the guts to say anything to him. It was nice to see that he really is just as funny and mischievous as he is on the show.

And like most other LJers I really want an iPhone!

Valley Of The Dolls - Mylo - Ultra Chilled 05
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