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Christmas is upon us!

Managed to swim through the parking lot during the current monsoon past the wedding to the delightful island of the Serramonte mall. finished quite a bit of my Christmas shopping, all I have left really is to go to Amoeba Music to get the last few items.

Exciting day yesterday, met some of the people from Razorfish. Everyone seems really nice. They have two IT people so my boss will have two more people to take his EYE off of me. I will also finally have someone (cross fingers) to help me learn the PC crap and actually explain it to me... or maybe I will be able to go back to being just a Mac Tech. Hope, Dream, Pray! Also, made my first post to a LJ community. Maybe I will actually get some LJ friends.

Let just say that I love a change in weather. I am really enjoying the Storm we are having. Listening to the beating of the rain on the windows and roof, the wind loud screams, the excitement in the air.