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Insanity in the work place

There has been so much going on a work, it seems like it is taking over my
life. This really isn't true at all though. It just seems like I'm always
here... 40 hours a week. I have done very well in my movement to change my
perception of my job and my boss. I now see him as an unfriendly taskmaster
and treat him as such. no more chitchat, no more comforting him when someone
upsets him. I do my job, keep busy and do not put up a fight when he asks me
to do something i think is a bad idea. I now see myself as free, a tool with
no decision making abilities. nothing is my fault anymore. I'm busy, but
it's a lot easier when you don't have to make decision or take
responsibility. I think my boss is happier with the situation as well. I
personally would be deeply hurt if someone stoped even pretending.

When I first go hired on here I did Mac support for a hundred people at CKS,
we then merged with USWeb and became one of five offices in SF. eventually
we consolidated to three offices the largest being 400 people. We were then
bought by whitman-hart and change our name to marchFIRST (a name I hated and
never grew to like) marchFIRSt was run by a Bob Bernard a corrupt CEO who
bankrupted the company and yet still has millions of dollars. of the over
10,000 employees only 100 are still employed at the company that bought
marchfirst and bailed us out of bankruptcy, SBI. SBI bought marchfirst then
a few other companies, then Lante, Scient, and just this week Razorfish.

Most of the people in our office are quite on edge, excited and scared all
at the same time. Worried about history repeating but also excited of the
new 50 people who will fill in the empty holes left by those who were RIFed
(Reduction In Force), or to put it in simpler terms as my coworker Natalie
put it, "We need new eye candy!"